Bihar Govt Holiday List 2023 – The Complete List For Offices and Schools

Check out the official Bihar govt holiday list 2023. This list of Bihar government holidays 2023 is based on the official releases by the state government. It applies to all government offices, schools, and other institutions in the state.

According to the official Bihar govt holiday list 2023, all major national and regional festivals like Diwali, Durga Pooja, Christmas, Holi, and Eid Ul-Fitr are public holidays in the state. Some of the notable Bihar public holidays in 2023 include:

  • Bihar Diwas – 22 March 2023 (Wednesday)
  • Durga Puja (Maha Navami) – 23 October 2023 (Monday)
  • Durga Puja (Vijaya Dashami) – 24 October 2023 (Tuesday)
  • Diwali – 12 November 2023 (Sunday)
  • Eid Ul-Fitr/ Ramadan – 22 April 2023 (Saturday)
  • Chhath Puja – 19 & 20th November 2023 (Sunday and Monday)

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In addition to these festivals, the Bihar government holiday list 2023 includes Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day, and other national holidays.

Read on for the complete Bihar govt holidays 2023 list. This post also contains the Bihar government holiday calendar 2023 published by the state government and a PDF version of the Bihar govt holiday list 2023..

Bihar Govt Holiday List 2023 – The Complete List

Given below is the Bihar govt holiday list 2023 as per the official notification/calendar.

05 January 2023ThursdayGuru Gobind Singh Birthday
26 January 2023ThursdayVasant Panchami/ Republic Day
05 February 2023SundaySant Ravidas Jayanti
18 February 2023SaturdayMahashivratri
08 March 2023WednesdayShab-e-Barat/ Holi
09 March 2023ThursdayHoli
22 March 2023WednesdayBihar Divas
29 March 2023WednesdayEmperor Ashoka Ashtami
30 March 2023ThursdayRam Navami
04 April 2023TuesdayMahavir Jayanti
07 April 2023FridayGood Friday
14 April 2023FridayBhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti
22 April 2023SaturdayEid Ul-Fitr (Eid/ Ramadan)
23 April 2023SundayVeer Kunwar Singh Jayanti
29 April 2023SaturdayJanaki Navami
01 May 2023MondayMay Day
05 May 2023FridayBuddha Purnima
04 June 2023SundayKabir Jayanti
29 June 2023ThursdayIdul-Joha (Bakrid)
29 July 2023SaturdayMuharram
15 August 2023TuesdayIndependence Day
06 September 2023WednesdaySreekrishna Janmashtami/ Chehallum
28 September 2023Thursday 
02 October 2023MondayMahatma Gandhi Jayanti
21 October 2023SaturdayDurga Puja (Saptami)
22 October 2023SundayDurga Puja (Maha Ashtami)
23 October 2023MondayDurga Puja (Maha Navami)
24 October 2023TuesdayDurga Puja (Vijaya Dashami)
12 November 2023SundayDiwali (Deepavali)
15 November 2023WednesdayBhai-Duj/ Chitragupt Puja
19 November 2023SundayChhath Puja
20 November 2023MondayChhath Puja
25 December 2023MondayChristmas Day

(Source: Official notification by the Government of Bihar.)

Please note that the state government may modify the above-given Bihar govt holiday list 2023. Please check the latest list/notifications for any such update.

Some of the holidays in this list of Bihar govt holidays 2023, such as Eid Ul-Fitr (Eid/ Ramadan) and Idul-Joha (Bakrid) may change depending on the moon sighting. Please check the latest government updates for news related to such festivals.

Bihar Government Holiday List 2023 – Restricted Holidays

The official Bihar govt holiday list 2023 also includes a few restricted holidays. Government employees can avail of three optional holidays from the list.

Check out the complete list of Bihar government optional holidays for the year 2023:

Date Day Holiday
01 January 2023SundayNew year
15 January 2023SundayMakar Sankranti
24 January 2023 TuesdayKarpoori Thakur Jayanti
06 March 2023MondayHoli
21 April 2023FridayRamzan
23 April 2023SundayEid-ul-Fitr (Eid)
18 June 2023SundayAnugrah Narayan Sinha Jayanti
30 June 2023FridayIdul-Joha (Bakrid)
30 July 2023SundayMuharram
28 August 2023MondayShravani Monday
30 August 2023WednesdayRaksha Bandhan
17 September 2023SundayVishwakarma Puja
28 September 2023ThursdayAnant Chaturdashi
11 October 2023WednesdayJai Prakash Narayan Jayanti
15 October 2023SundayDurga Puja
21 October 2023SaturdayShri Krishna Singh Jayanti
25 October 2023WednesdayDurga Puja
18 November 2023SaturdayChhath Puja (Kharna)
03 December 2023SundayDr. Rajendra Prasad Jayanti
24 December 2023SundayChristmas Eve

Source: Official notification by the Government of Bihar.

Bihar Government Holiday Calendar 2023

Check out the official Bihar govt holiday calendar 2023 below. It has all the details of Bihar public holidays and optional holidays for the year.

Bihar Govt Holidays List 2023

Bihar Government Holiday Calendar 2023 PDFView And Download

You can view and download the Bihar Government Holiday Calendar 2023 PDF.

The Bihar government holidays 2022 PDF version includes all public holidays, optional holidays, and a list of all holidays under the Negotiable Instruments Act of 1881.

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