Complete List of Bihar Govt. Holidays 2024

Here is the complete list of Bihar govt. holidays 2024. The Bihar govt. holidays list is based on the state government’s official list.

The list of Bihar govt. holidays 2024 official release include dates of all major national and regional festivals like Diwali, Durga Pooja, Christmas, Holi, and Eid Ul-Fitr as well as the optional/ restricted holidays for government employees

Bihar Holiday Calendar 2024 – Highlights

  • Vasant Panchali – 14 February 2024 (Wednesday)
  • Bihar Diwas – 22 March 2024 (Friday)
  • Eid Ul-Fitr – 11 April 2024 (Friday)
  • Durga Puja (Saptami) – 10 October 2024 (Thursday)
  • Durga Puja (Maha Navami) – 11 October 2024 (Friday)
  • Durga Puja (Vijaya Dashami) – 12 October 2024 (Saturday)
  • Deepavali – 31 October 2024 (Thursday)
  • Chhath Puja – 07 & 08th November 2024 (Thursday and Friday)

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Full List Of Bihar Government Holidays 2024

Below listed are the Bihar govt. holidays for the year 2024. Some of the holidays in this list of Bihar govt. holidays 2023, such as Eid Ul-Fitr (Eid/ Ramadan) and Idul-Joha (Bakrid) may change depending on the moon sighting. Please check the latest government updates for news related to such festivals.

January 01, 2024MondayNew year
January 17, 2024WednesdayGuru Gobind Singh Janm Divas
January 26, 2024FridayRepublic Day
February 14, 2024WednesdayVasant Panchami
February 24, 2024SaturdaySant Ravidas Jayanthi
February 26, 2024MondayShab-E-Barat
March 08, 2024FridayMaha Shivrathri
March 22, 2024FridayBihar Diwas
March 26, 2024TuesdayHoli
March 27, 2024WednesdayHoli
March 29, 2024FridayGood Friday
April 11, 2024FridayIdul-Fitr
April 14, 2024SundayBhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti
April 16, 2024TuesdaySamrat Ashok Ashtami
April 17, 2024WednesdayRam Navmi
April 21, 2024SundayMahavir Jayanthi
May 01, 2024WednesdayMay Day (Shram Diwas)
May 17, 2024FridayJanki Navami
May 23, 2024ThursdayBudha Purnima
June 17, 2024MondayId-Ul-Zuha (Bakri Eid)
June 22, 2024SaturdayKabir Jayanti
July 17, 2024WednesdayMuharram
August 15, 2024ThursdayIndependence Day
August 25, 2024SundayChehllum
August 26, 2024MondaySree Krishna Janmashtami
September 16, 2024MondayHazrat Muhammed Saheb Janm Divas
October 02, 2024WednesdayMahatma Gandhi Jayanti
October 10, 2024ThursdayDurga Puja (Saptami)
October 11, 2024FridayDurga Puja(Maha Astham/Navami)
Ocyober 12, 2024SaturdayDurga Puja(Maha Navami)
October 31, 2024ThursdayDeepavali
November 03, 2024SundayChitra Gupta Puja/ Bhai Dooj
november 07, 2024ThursdayChhath Puja
November 08, 2024FridayChhath Puja
December 25, 2024WednesdayChristmas

List Of Bihar Govt. Holidays 2024 – Optional/Restricted Holidays

Find below the list of Optional or Restricted holidays of Bihar Govt. Holidays 2024. Government employees can avail a maximum of three days from this list.

January 01, 2024MondayNew year
January 15, 2024MondayMakar Sankranti
January 24, 2024WednesdayKarpoori Thakur Jayanti
March 24, 2024SundayHolika Dahan
April 05, 2024FridayRamzan (Last Juma)
April 12, 2024FridayEid-ul-Fitr (Eid)
June 18, 2024TuesdayAnugrah Narayan Sinha Jayanti/ Idul-Joha (Bakrid)
July 18, 2024ThursdayMuharram
Augut 19, 2024MondayRaksha Bandhan/ Last Shravani Monday
September 17, 2024TuesdayVishwakarma Puja/ Anant Chaturdashi
October 03, 2024ThursdayDurga Puja Kalash Sthapan
October 11, 2024FridayJai Prakash Narayan Jayanti
October 13, 2023SundayDurga Puja (Ekadasi)
October 21, 2024MondayShri Krishna Singh Jayanti
November 06, 2024WednesdayChhath Puja (Kharna)
December 03, 2024TuesdayDr. Rajendra Prasad Jayanti
December 24, 2024TuesdayChristmas Eve


Bihar Govt. Holidays 2024 PDF Download

View and download the PDF version of Bihar govt. holidays 2024.

The Bihar govt. holidays 2024 PDF version includes all public holidays, optional holidays, and a list of all holidays under the Negotiable Instruments Act of

Bihar Holiday Calendar 2024 for Schools

The Bihar holiday calendar for 2024 was announced by the Bihar School Examination Board. The duration of the annual summer vacation has been increased to 30 days.

The calendar provides for two separate holiday lists for Regular schools and Urdu schools. The Bihar Holiday calendar for schools in 2024 will maintain the total number of holidays as same for both Regular Schools and Urdu Schools.

Here is the complete list of Bihar Holiday Calendar for Schools for the year 2024.

January 17, 2024Guru Gobind Singh Janm DivasYesYes
January 26, 2024Republic DayYesYes
February 14, 2024Vasant PanchamiYesNo
February 24, 2024Sant Ravidas JayanthiYesYes
February 26, 2024Shab-E-BaratYesYes
March 08, 2024Maha ShivrathriYesNo
March 22, 2024Bihar DiwasYesYes
March 26, 2024HoliYesYes
March 27, 2024HoliYesYes
March 29, 2024Good FridayYesYes
April 10, 11, 12 2024Idul-FitrYes (only April 11) Yes
April 14, 2024Bhimrao Ambedkar JayantiYesYes
April 15 – May 15, 2024YesYes
May 17, 2024Janki NavamiYesNo
May 23, 2024Budha PurnimaYesYes
June 18, 19, 20 of 2024Id-Ul-Zuha (Bakri Eid)Yes (only June 18)Yes
July 17/18, 2024MuharramYes (only July 18)Yes
August 15, 2024Independence DayYesYes
August 25, 2024ChehllumYesYes
August 26, 2024Sree Krishna JanmashtamiYesNo
September 16, 2024Hazrat Muhammed Saheb Janm DivasYesYes
October 10, 2024Durga Puja (Saptami)YesYes
October 11, 2024Durga Puja(Maha Astham/Navami)YesYes
Ocyober 12, 2024Durga Puja(Maha Navami)YesYes
October 31, 2024DeepavaliYesYes
November 03, 2024Chitra Gupta Puja/ Bhai DoojYesNo
november 07, 08, 09 of 2024Chhath PujaYesYes
December 25, 2024ChristmasYesYes

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