Telangana Bank Holidays 2023

This post has a complete and tentative list of Telangana Bank Holidays 2023 when the banks in the state will remain closed. These holidays are declared under the  Negotiable Instrument Act and applies to all banks, both public and private, in the state.

The Bank Holidays in Telangana 2023 includes almost all major national and regional festivals, such as Makara Sankranti, Ugadi, Eid al-Fitr/Ramzan, and Holi. All important national holidays like the Independence Day, Republic Day, and Gandhi Jayanti are also bank holidays.

In addition to these, the list of Telangana Bank Holidays 2023 includes all second and fourth Saturdays in the year.

Bank Holidays In Telangana 2023 – The Complete List

Given below is a complete list of Telangana Bank Holidays 2023. Please note that the government of Telangana has not released the official list of bank holidays yet.

Also, the government or the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) may modify these dates. We will update this list of Bank Holidays in Telangana as per the latest announcements, so keep checking it regularly before planning bank visits.

January 1, 2023SundayNew Year’s Day
January 14, 2023SaturdaySankranti/ 2nd Saturday
January 26, 2023ThursdayRepublic Day
January 28, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
February11, 2023Saturday2nd Saturday
February 18, 2023SaturdayMaha Shivratri
February 25, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
Mar 08, 2023WednesdayHoli
March 11, 2023Saturday2nd Saturday
March 25, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
March 30, 2023ThursdaySri Rama Navami
April 05, 2023WednesdayBabu Jagjivan Ram’s Birthday
April 07, 2023FridayGood Friday
April 08, 2023Saturday2nd Saturday
April 22, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
April 22, 2023SaturdayEid-al-Fitr/Ramzan
May 01, 2023MondayMay Day / Labour day
May 13, 2023Saturday2nd Saturday
May 27, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
June 10, 2023Saturday2nd Saturday
June 24, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
June 29, 2023ThursdayEid al-Adha
July 08, 2023Saturday2nd Saturday
July 22, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
July 29, 2023SaturdayMuharam
August 12, 2023Saturday2nd Saturday
August 15, 2023TuesdayIndependence Day
August 26, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
September 07, 2023ThursdayKrishna Janmasthami
September 09, 2023Saturday2nd Saturday
September 19, 2023TuesdayGanesh Chaturthi
September 23, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
September 28, 2023Thursday Eid-e-Milad
October 02, 2023MondayGandhi Jayanti
October 14, 2023Saturday2nd Saturday
October 22, 2023SundayDurga Ashtami
October 24, 2023TuesdayVijaya Dashami
October 28, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
November 11, 2023Saturday2nd Saturday
November 12, 2023SundayDeepavali / Diwali
November 25, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
November 27, 2023MondayGuru Nanak Jayanti
December 09, 2023Saturday2nd Saturday
December 23, 2023Saturday4th Saturday
December 25, 2023MondayChristmas Day


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Telangana Bank Holidays 2023 PDF Download

We will update this section with a downloadable version of Telangana Bank Holidays 2023 PDF once the official dates are announced. Please check later.

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