Vistadome Train Bangalore To Mangalore – How To Book, Route, Price And Timings

Are you looking for information on the Vistadome train Bangalore to Mangalore? Whether you are searching for Vistadome coach Bangalore to Mangalore route details, ticket prices, train names, or timings, you will find all the information here.

The post also has a detailed guide on the Vistadome train booking process.

On July 11, 2021, the Indian Railways added Vistadome coaches to a few express trains running on the Bangalore-Mangalore route. Passengers traveling in these coaches can now feast their eyes on the stunning grandeur of the Western Ghats and enjoy top-notch amenities.

Read on to learn more about what to expect when you travel in the Vistadome train Bangalore to Mangalore.

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Vistadome Train Bangalore To Mangalore – An Overview

Introduced in July 2021, the Vistadome coaches on the Bangalore-Mangalore route are the first-of-its-kind in Karnataka. Each coach can accommodate 44 people. What’s more, the chairs can rotate 180 degrees, with the wide windows providing panaromic views of the surroundings.

Passengers can also see the sky through the roof equipped with anti-glare glass. Other features on the Vistadome coach Bangalore to Mangalore include:

  • AC
  • LED displays with content-on-demand
  • Mini pantry
  • Refrigerators and ovens
  • Multi-tiered steel luggage shelves at the end of the coach (no overhead racks)
  • Individual mobile charging outlets for each passenger
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Fire safety equipment
  • Foldable snack tables
  • Bio-toilets
  • Automatic sliding doors
  • A GPS-based information system
  • Dedicated observation decks
  • Seat numbers written in braille language
  • Attendants on board
  • Window curtains

Vistadome Bangalore To Mangalore Train Timings

Currently, three trains running on the Bangalore-Mangalore route have Vistadome coaches. These trains are:

  1. 16539/16540 Yeswantpur-Mangalore Express
  2. 16515/16516 Yeswantpur-Karwar Express
  3. 16575/16576 Yeswantpur-Mangalore Express

Find below the Vistadome Bangalore to Mangalore train timings, names, and days of operation:

Train NumberTrain Name From – To DaysTimings
16515Yesvantpur Karwar Express

Yeshwantpur Junction (YPR) to Karwar(KAWR) via MangaloreMonday, Wednesday, Friday  
Starts: 7:00 AM

Reaches: 4:35 PM (Mangalore)

*Reaches Karwar at 10:30 PM
16516 Karwar Yesvantpur Special

Karwar(KAWR) to Yeshwantpur Junction (YPR) via MangaloreTuesday, Thursday, SaturdayStarts: 11:30 AM (Mangalore)

Reaches: 8:45 PM

*Starts from Karwar at 5:30 AM
YPR MAJN Express

Yeshwantpur Junction (YPR) to Mangalore Junction (MAJN)Saturday  

Starts: 7:00 AM

Reaches: 4:40 PM
MAJN YPR Express

Mangalore Junction (MAJN) to Yeshwantpur Junction (YPR) SundayStarts: 9:15 AM

Reaches: 8:20 PM
Gomateshwara Express

Yeshwantpur Junction (YPR) to Mangalore Junction (MAJN)Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Starts: 7:00 AM

Reaches: 4:40 PM

Mangalore Junction (MAJN) to Yeshwantpur Junction (YPR)Monday, Wednesday, FridayStarts: 11:30 AM

Reaches: 8:45 PM
Source: Vistadome Trains Details (

Vistadome Train Bangalore To Mangalore Route

The Vistadome train Bangalore to Mangalore passes through the Western Ghats. The 45 km stretch through the Western Ghats ( Sakleshpur-Subrahmanya Ghat portion) is the main attraction on the route.

The route is beautiful, with stunning views of mountains, valleys, canyons, and lush flora. The monsoon season brings even more magnificent landscapes to the area.

Given below is a table with details of the Vistadome Train Bangalore to Mangalore route:

Train No: 16515/16516

Yeshwantpur <–> Karwar (Via Mangalore)
Train No: 16539/16540

Yeshwantpur <–> Mangalore Junction
Train No: 16575/16576

Yeshwantpur <–> Mangalore Junction
Yesvantpur Jn.Yesvantpur Jn.Yesvantpur Jn
Chik BanavarChik BanavarChik Banavar
Subrahmanya RdSubrahmanya RdSubrahmanya Rd
Mangaluru Jn.Mangaluru Jn.Mangaluru Jn
Mookambika Road  
Gokarna Road  

Vistadome Train Bangalore To Mangalore Ticket Price

The ticket cost for the Vistadome train Bangalore to Mangalore is ₹1525 per person, including reservation, GST, and other fees.

This is equivalent to the cost of a seat in the Shatabdi Express’ Executive Class.

FAQs on Vistadome Train Bangalore to Mangalore

Have got questions on Vistadome trains, routes, timings, and facilities? Given below are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers.

Is food included in Vistadome trains?

No. Vistadome train ticket prices don’t include food. You will not be served lunch, breakfast, or dinner on board. However, each coach has a mini pantry that sells food. You can also buy snacks, such as cup noodles, biscuits, packaged drinks, etc. from the pantry.

What is the Vistadome ticket price from Bangalore to Mangalore?

A trip from Bangalore to Mangalore in the Vistadome coach will cost you around ₹1525. The fare is inclusive of GST and reservation fees. Food is not included in the ticket price.

Which trains from Bangalore to Mangalore have Vistadome coaches?

The following Bangalore-Mangalore trains have Vistadome coaches – 16539/16540 (Yeswantpur-Mangalore Express), 16515/16516 (Yeswantpur-Karwar Express)
16575/16576, (Gomateshwara Express/MAJN YPR EXP)

Which class is the Vistadome coach?

AC Executive Chair (EC). The ticket prices for Vistadome coaches are also similar to that of AC Executive Chair Car.

Is senior citizen concession allowed in Vistadome trains?

No. Vistadome coaches don’t allow concessions for senior citizens.

How to book a vistadome coach from Bangalore to Mangalore?

Vistadome train bookings can be done through the IRCTC website. While booking, you will not see the category ‘Vistadome’ – opt for the Executive Chair Car (EC) category in any trains with Vistadome coaches.

Here’s how you can book a seat in the Vistadome coach from Bangalore to Mangalore:

Step 1: On the IRCTC website, click on “Login” to access your account. If you don’t have an account, you can register and create one.
vistadome train bangalore to mangalore

Step 2: On the homepage of the website, in the box titled “Book Ticket”, enter “Yeshwanthpur Junction” as your boarding location. Enter “Mangalore Junction” as your destination.

vistadome train bangalore to mangalore
Step 3: Select the dates of your journey.
Step 4: Select “Executive Chair Car (EC)” for “Class” and click on “Search”.
Step 5: All the available trains will be displayed, along with the ticket prices.
vistadome train bangalore to mangalore
Step 6: Check for available seats under the “Exec. Chair Car” button, select it, and click on “Book Now”.
Step 7: Your details, along with the booking information will be displayed. After reviewing the information, select your mode of payment, and make the payment.
You will receive a confirmation email and text message on your registered email address and mobile number respectively.
You are all set to explore the Western Ghats. Now that you have booked your Vistadome train Bangalore to Mangalore, have a safe trip.

What Is A Vistadome Coach?

So, what is a Vistadome coach and how is it different from regular train coaches? A Vistadome coach is a glass-roofed coach with wide window panes. It gives passengers an enhanced and unobstructed viewing experience and allows them to enjoy the scenic vistas and views on the route.

Typically, such coaches are introduced in trains that run on picturesque routes. For instance, the Vistadome train Bangalore to Mangalore offers stunning views of the Western Ghats.
The state-of-the-art coaches also offer passengers the best of luxury and comfort. Vistadome coaches come equipped with a gamut of amenities, from rotatable seats to in-coach attendants to entertainment options, and more.

The Indian Railways first introduced the coach in 2017 in the Visakhapatnam-Kirandul train, which passes through the scenic Araku Valley. Currently, many routes including Mumbai-Pune, Mumbai-Madgaon, and Bangalore-Mangalore have Vistadome trains.

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