Full List Of Bank Holidays In Maharashtra 2022

Here is the full list of bank holidays in Maharashtra 2022. Check the Maharashtra bank holidays list before you visit bank. In addition to official government holidays banks will remain closed on second and fourth Saturdays of every month.

This list of bank holidays is applicable for Banks in Mumbai and other major cities in Maharashtra.

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January 2022 Bank Holidays In Maharashtra

Find below the bank holidays in Maharashtra 2022 for January 2022.

January 08, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
January 22, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
January 26, 2022WednesdayRepublic Day

Bank Holidays In Maharashtra 2022

Below listed are the bank holidays in Maharashtra 2022

Date DayHoliday
January 08, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
January 22, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
January 26, 2022WednesdayRepublic Day
February 12, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
Fenruary 19, 2022SaturdayChhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti
February 26, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
March 01, 2022TuesdayMaha Shivaratri
March 12, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
March 18, 2022SaturdayHoli
March 26, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
April 01, 2022 Closed for
Yearly Accounts
April 02, 2022SaturdayGudi Padwa
April 09, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
April 10, 2022SundayRam Navami
April 14, 2022ThursdayDr Ambedkar Jayanti/ Mahavir Jayanti
April 15, 2022FridayGood Friday
April 23, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
May 01, 2022SundayMaharashtra Day
May 03, 2022TuesdayRamzan/ Idul Fitr
May 14, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
May 16, 2022MondayBuddha Purnima
May  28, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
June 11, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
June 25, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
July 09, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
July 10, 2022SundayBakrid / Eid al Adha
July 23, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
August 09, 2022TuesdayMuharram
August 13, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
August 15, 2022MondayIndependence Day
August 16, 2022TuesdayParsi New Year (Shahenshahi)
August 27, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
August 31, 2022WednesdayGanesh Chaturthi
September 10, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
September 24, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
October 02, 2022SundayGandhi Jayanti
October 05, 2022WednesdayDasara
October 08, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
October 22, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
October 24, 2022TuesdayDiwali Amavasye (Laxmi Pujan)
October 26, 2022WednesdayDiwali (Bali Pratipada)
November 08, 2022TuesdayGuru Nanak Jayanti
November 12, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
November 26, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  
December 10, 2022Saturday 2nd Saturday  
December 24, 2022Saturday4th Saturday  

Source: public_holidays_2022.pdf (maharashtra.gov.in)

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