Property Tax In Mumbai – A Guide To Online BMC Property Tax Payment

Exploring convenient and hassle-free options to pay Property Tax in Mumbai? Read on to get some practical and useful information on payment of Property Tax in Mumbai from the convenience of your home. 

Property Tax payment is an annual, recurring obligation for property owners. The local municipal body Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) collects Property Tax in Mumbai (excluding Navi Mumbai). While you can pay also property tax in Mumbai manually, paying online is a faster and easier option, if you have the right information available with you. 

Basic Information Needed For Online Payment Of Property Tax in Mumbai

Keep the following information ready when you start the online BMC property tax payment process:

  • Property Account Number (you can find this in your previous year’s Property Tax Receipt). You can also search for your Property Account Number, using the Ward Number and property address on the BMC Citizen Online Portal here.
  • Dimensions/ built-up area of your property.
  • Type of use of the property (residential, non residential, charitable, commercial etc.).

Calculating Property Tax In Mumbai

BMC calculates property tax in Mumbai based on the Capital Value System. Capital value reflects the market value of a property, calculated as a factor of various factors such as area of property, type of property, age of the property, type of usage of the property, the number of floors, etc., and prescribing specific weightage for each factor.  The property tax applicable on your property will vary based on the factors used to calculate the Capital Value. 

Property Tax In Mumbai

Exemptions From And Concessions On Property Tax In Mumbai

Residential property owners in Mumbai, with property area below 700 sq.ft, have distinct advantages with respect to property tax payable. 

The following concessions and exemptions are applicable for property tax in Mumbai:

  • Residential properties, within the municipal area limits of Mumbai, which are 500 sq.ft in area or less, are exempt from payment of property tax.
  • Residential Properties, within the municipal area limits of Mumbai, with area between 501 sq. ft and 700 sq. ft are given a rebate of 60% on the property tax payable.
  • Properties used as a public place of worship or for charitable purposes need not pay any property tax.
  • Government notified properties of Diplomatic or Consular Mission of a foreign State.

Online Payment Of Property Tax In Mumbai – Step By Step Guide

The BMC Property Tax Payment has been made cashless and convenient through the online payment option. 

You can follow these easy steps to make BMC Property Tax Payment online:

  1. Visit to the website of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai here.
  2. Click on ‘CITIZEN’, select the option ‘Taxes’ and click on ‘Property Tax’. This option will take you to the Citizen Services Portal. 
  3. You can access the Citizens Services Portal for property tax payment directly here.
  4. If you do not have your Property Account Number handy, you can get your Property Account Number by clicking on the ‘Search’ option under the tab CVS Login. You also have the option to easily your payable amount of property tax by using the online property tax calculator in this page.
  5. Enter the Property Account Number, enter the captcha and click on ‘Login’.
  6. The details of the property as well as the outstanding amounts will be displayed. You can enter the amount you wish to pay and click on ‘Online Payment’. 
  7. Note that if you have dues for multiple periods, any payment you make will be adjusted on a ‘First in First Out basis’, and the amount will be adjusted towards your earliest outstanding due.
  8. Once you make the payment, you will get a pdf file of your payment completion/ receipt. Save this receipt as proof of payment. This receipt also is an evidence of your property ownership.

If you know your Property Account Number and wish to know the outstanding amount payable as property tax or wish to get the receipt of property tax paid, you can directly click on the ‘ONLINE SERVICES’ option on the MCGM Website and select ‘Pay Property Tax’.

Property Tax in Mumbai – Due Date And Penalty 

The BMC Property Tax payment is by June 30 every year. Delayed payment will attract a penalty at the rate of 2% of the amount due for every month of delay. 

Property Tax Payment Online In Navi Mumbai

The local body in charge of the Property Tax collection for Navi Mumbai is Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC). You can pay the Property Tax in Navi Mumbai online by accessing the NMMC portal here. You will need to know your Property Code for making online payment. If you do not know your Property Code, you can get it by selecting the ‘Property Search’ option here.

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