PCMC Property Tax Payment Online – The A To Z Of Pimpri Chinchwad Property Tax

Property owners in Pune, with properties located within the limits of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (“PCMC”), are liable to pay property tax due on their property to PCMC, each year.

Here are some FAQs on PCMC Property Tax payment online to help make your property tax payment process easy. We hope that you will find these most commonly asked queries on PCMC Property Tax payment useful.

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PCMC Property Tax Online Payment – FAQs

Which properties in Pune will be subject to PCMC property tax payment?

All Properties within the jurisdictional limits of PCMC (Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation), including non-residential properties and open lands, will be assessed by PCMC for property tax payment.

Is a vacant land liable to be assessed for PCMC property tax?

Yes. Open lands are also liable to be assessed for PCMC Property Tax Payment.

How is a property assessed for PCMC property tax payment?

Pimpri Chinchwad Property Tax is calculated by PCMC by taking into account the following factors: 
1) Built-up area of the property 
2) Annual rateable value of the property per square feet
3) Type of construction 
4) Type of property

What type of properties are eligible for PCMC property tax exemption?

The following categories of properties are eligible for exemption from PCMC Property Tax Payment:
1) Property used as public place of worship
2) Property used for public or religious purpose
3) Property registered with the Charity Commissioner as a charitable trust or charitable institute.

How can I calculate PCMC property tax payment due on my property?

You can visit the PCMC Property Tax- Self Assessment Portal  to calculate the PCMC Property Tax due on your property. 
To do the self-assessment of your property, you will need to know the following details about your Pimpri Chinchwad property:
1) Zone where your property is located
2) Type of Usage 
3) Type of Construction
The portal provides separate options to calculate the property tax for a resident, Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or as an industrial property.

How can I make the PCMC property tax payment?

The following options are available to pay Pimpri Chinchwad Property Tax:
1) Manual Payment at any of the 15 Zonal Offices of the Property Tax Department or Citizen Facilitation Centers run by PCMC.
2) Online payment through the PCMC Website.

Can I Pay PCMC property tax offline?

Yes, you can. When you make payment directly through a designated location, you can pay the PCMC Property Tax either as cash or cheque drawn in favor of “Commissioner, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Pimpri”.

What details do I need to pay PCMC property tax online?

To pay Pimpri Chinchwad property tax online , you need to keep ready the following information:
1) Zone where your property is located
2) Gat Number of your property
3) Name of the property owner
4) Address

How Can I find my PCMC Property Tax Zone and Gat Number?

You can find the details of Your Zone and Gat No. in your property bill. A demo of where to find these details in your property bill can be found here.

How to make PCMC property tax payment online?

You can follow the below described steps to help you make PCMC Property Tax Payment Online:
Step 1 – Visit the PCMC Website.
Step 2 – Click on the option “Residents” on the home page and select “Property Tax” from the drop down.
Step 3 – You will be re-directed to property tax payment page of PCMC. Click the option “Property Bill”. 
Step 4 – You will find the following three search options i) by property code, ii) in Marathi, and iii) in English. 
Step 5 – If you choose the first option of search by property code, you can use the demo provided to enter the property details and get the details of your property tax. 
Step 6 – Alternatively, you can choose to search the details on Marathi or English, by entering the at least the following details of your property and clicking on ‘Search’:
i) Zone 
ii) Gat Number 
iii) Owner’s Name
Step 7 – Once you hit search as above, the properties matching the details you entered will be listed in the search result. You can select the option “Show” against the relevant search displaying your property and the details of your property including the property tax payment due will be displayed. You can also view your previous payments.
Step 8 – Select the option “Make Payment”, which will take you to the payment page. You can choose to make the payment through Credit Card, Debit card, Net Banking or UPI.
Step 9 – Enter You Email and Phone Number. 
Step 10 –  Click on the tick box to confirm payment and accept the terms and conditions and click on “Make Payment

What is the due date to make PCMC property tax payment?

The Pimpri Chinchwad Property Tax Payment due dates are:
1) For the period from 1st April to 30th September of each year – 30th of September is the due date. 
2) For the period of 1st October to 31st Marc – 31st December is the due date.

How much is PCMC property tax penalty for delayed payment?

a) PCMC charges a penalty of 2% per month on all outstanding amount of Property Tax. This penalty is also applicable for delays in half yearly payments, beyond September 30 and December 31 respectively. 
b) A penalty of 1% will be levied on non-payment of other taxes such as Employment Guarantee Tax, Education Cess.

When can I avail PCMC property tax concession?

The following rebates or PCMC property tax concessions are available for properties, when the entire property tax due on a property is cleared by 30th June:
1) 50% discount for residential properties owned and used by a freedom Fighter and/or Ex-Serviceman;
2) 50% discount on residential properties owned and used solely by women for residential purposes; 
3) 10% discount for residential property specifically registered as a residential building;
4) 5% discount on non-residential property and/or industrial property and/or open land.
Click here to download PCMC property tax concession form

Can I claim more than one rebate under Pimpri Chinchwad property tax?

No. Rebates under only one of the rebate schemes can be claimed at a time, if more than one of the schemes are applicable to you, provided you clear all your property tax dues by 30th June.

Are PCMC properties with green building certificate eligible for rebate ?

Yes. Where the building permission department has issued a final green building certificate to a building with occupancy certificate, the following rebate on Municipal Tax can be claimed:
i) 5% on a building rated 3 star 
ii) 8% on a building rated 4 star
iii) 10% on a building rated 5 star

How to download PCMC property tax receipt?

Once your payment is successful an e-receipt will be generated. You can view your PCMC property tax receipt just below the option “Make Payment” on the property tax payment page under the head ‘Your Previous Payments”. You can click on the option “Show” to view, download or print the receipt. 

What is PCMC property tax online payment login page? is the the property tax online payment login page. Check the above FAQs to know how to pay your property tax online or download receipt.

What is PCMC property tax office address?

Below given are the PCMC property tax office address and contact number:
Address: Ground floor, PCMC Main Building, Mumbai Pune Road, Pimpri-411018
Phone: 67331504

What is PCMC full form?

The full form of PCMC is Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation.

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