Online Payment Of Hyderabad Property Tax – Top FAQs

Are you a property owner in Hyderabad? You can find here the details of the information you need to know for online payment of Hyderabad property tax. 

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is the local administrative body in charge of property tax collection in Hyderabad. The GHMC collects property tax from all property owners in Hyderabad, on an annual basis and utilizes the amount for providing and maintaining the civic amenities in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Property Tax Concession Updated On 26 November, 2020

In view of the COVID pandemic, the Government of Telangana has issued an order dated 14.11.2020 granting a one-time waiver of 50% of Property Tax for the financial year 2020-2021. This one-time, 50% concession in Hyderabad Property Tax is available to only residential properties.

For residential properties under GHMC, the Hyderabad Property Tax reduction will apply if the annual property tax assessment is upto Rs.15,000/-.

If you have already paid the full amount of your property tax 2020-2021, you will be able to adjust the waived 50% amount against the Property Tax payable to GHMC next year.

FAQs On Online Payment Of Hyderabad Property Tax

Q. Are There Any Exemptions Or Concessions To Payment Of Hyderabad Property Tax?

A. The following exemptions/ concessions are given by GHMC for Hyderabad property tax:
1)     100% tax exemption is available for: 
·        public places of worship 
·        recognized educational institutions 
·        property owned by a former military personnel
·        property with monthly rental value upto Rs.50 
2) Concession of 50% on tax payable as “vacancy remission” is available for vacant premises, subject to inspection and report by the tax inspector.
3) The Government of Telangana has issued a one-time concession of 50% of Hyderabad Property Tax for the year 2020-2021, due to the COVID pandemic. This one time concession is only applicable to residential properties under GHMC, with annual property tax assessment upto Rs.15,000/-.

Q. How Is Hyderabad Property Tax Calculated?

A. GHMC relies on the Gross Annual Rental Value for calculation of Hyderabad property tax. Annual Property Tax is Calculated as per the below formula:
“3.5 X Total Plinth Area in Sq. Ft X Monthly Rental Value per Sq. Ft in Rs.”

Q. Can I Check The Property Tax Due On My Property In Hyderabad Online?

A. Yes, you can check the property tax dues on your Hyderabad property online. If you know the details of your property such as Annual Rental Value, Plinth area etc., you can calculate the property tax payable on your property here

Q. What Are The Options Available For Payment Of Hyderabad Property Tax?

A. You have the following options to make payment of Hyderabad Property Tax:
1) Online payment through the GHMC Online Payment Portal.
2) If you have your mobile number registered with GHMC, you will receive an SMS when the property tax for the current is assessed, along with a direct link to the GHMC payment portal. You can click on the link and verify the details of your property and make payment online.
3) You can also opt for paying Hyderabad property tax at any of the designated Mee Seva centers, Citizen Centers, through GHMC Bill Collectors, or at any State Bank of Hyderabad branches.

Q. How Can I Find My Property Identification Number?

A. Property Tax Identification Number (“PTIN” or “PTI No.”) is a unique identification number allocated to each property located in Hyderabad. While older properties might have a 14 digit PTIN, relatively new properties will have a 10 digit PTIN. 

If you are the owner of a new property in Hyderabad, you need to apply for the property to be assessed for Hyderabad property tax and a PTIN is to be generated. GHMC facilitates online self-assessment of property. You can submit your application for self-assessment of a property here. The detailed steps for online application for self-assessment can be found towards the end of this article.

If you do not have the PTIN of a property readily available, you can search for the PTIN here, by searching using the following minimum details:
1) Circle to which the property belongs
2) Name of the Owner of the property
You can use the same link to know the details of the property as well.

Q. How To Make Online Payment Of Hyderabad Property Tax?

A. The step-by-step process for Hyderabad property tax payment is given below: 
Step 1 – Access The GHMC website 
a) Access the GHMC website
b) Click on ‘Online Payments’ and select the option ‘Property Tax’, or you can directly access the payment portal here
Step 2 – Identify Your Property Tax Identification Number
In case you do not know your Property Tax Identification Number (PTIN), you can find the PTIN using the appropriate steps mentioned in the Query above. Once you have identified you PTIN, enter the PTIN in the designated column, and click on ‘Know your Property Tax Dues’. 
Step 3 – Verify The Details And Make Payment
a) Once you login to the portal after entering your PTIN, the details of your property along with the pending dues if any, as well as the tax payable will be displayed.
b) Verify the details and make the payment.
c) You can make payment through net banking, credit cards or debits.

Q. Can I Apply Online For Self-Assessment Of My Property in Hyderabad?

A. Yes. You can apply for self assessment of your property in Hyderabad through the GHMC Website. You will need to know the following basic details about your property before starting the online self-assessment process:
1) Circle, locality, Zone, Sub-zone, Pincode 
2) Building Permission no., Building Permission Date, Building Type, Land Mark
3) Classification Building, Nature of use, Type of occupancy
4) Floor, Age of Building, Plinth area 

Q. How To Apply Online For Self-Assessment Of Property For Payment Of Hyderabad Property Tax?

A. Once you have the basic details ready, get on to the GHMC website and following these steps:
1) On the GHMC website, click on “Online Services”
2) Select the option ‘Self Assessment of Property Tax’
3) Enter your mobile number, and validate the same using the OTP.
4) Once the Self Assessment form opens, you will be required to fill in your personal details, details of your property as well as the property measurement details.
5) Once you add the measurement details, click on ‘Add’. This will generate your tentative tax amount.
6) Submit ‘Save’ and your request will be submitted to the concerned authority.
7) Once the duly filled application is received, your property will be formally assessed for Hyderabad property tax. 
8) After successful inspection, a new PTIN will be generated and intimated to you.

Q. How To Download The GHMC Property Tax Payment Receipt?

A. You can download the receipt for payment of your Hyderabad property tax here.

Receipts for tax paid offline cannot be downloaded. Also, the receipt download is offered only for property tax paid online, after April 1, 2016. 

Q. Is There A Penalty For Late Payment Of Hyderabad Property Tax?

A. Yes. Late payment of Hyderabad Property tax attracts a penalty of 2% per month of the amount outstanding.

Q. Can I Contact GHMC Directly For Any Queries?

A. Yes. You can reach GHMC for any clarifications or queries through:
a) Online Grievance Registration website 
b) GHMC Twitter handle
c) Download the GHMC App
d) Phone: +91-40-2111-1111 
f) Email:

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