How To Get Income Certificate In Delhi Online

Want to know more about Delhi income certificate? How to apply for income certificate in Delhi, or what are the necessary documents required to apply for it? Are you looking for a way to renew your income certificate Delhi? Know all about E District Delhi income certificate.

As you know, an income certificate in Delhi is an important document that one would require while availing Government schemes or quota admissions in schools. This document legally verifies the total income of a family.

State Governments or Union Territories issue Income Certificates, and each has its own set of paperwork requirements. Anyone who is a resident of India who comes from a low-income family and is not required to pay income tax can file for an income certificate with the appropriate state government or union territory.

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Delhi Income Certificate – Find Answers To All Your Questions

Find below answers to all your question related to income certificate application on E District Delhi website.

What is an income certificate in Delhi?

An income certificate in Delhi is a document provided by the state government that confirms a family’s annual income. An income certificate contains information on an individual’s or a family’s earnings from multiple resources.

Who needs an income certificate in Delhi?

You might require an income certificate in Delhi for the following reasons:
●  To get reserved quota admission to educational institutions.
●  To take advantage of some of the state government’s programs and schemes.
●  To be granted the benefit of receiving government-sponsored land, housing plots, or
apartments under specific plans.
●  To be eligible for benefits such as an old-age pension, a widow’s pension, or an agricultural
labor pension.

Can you get an income certificate Delhi online?

Yes, you can apply and get your income certificate Delhi online, on the official District Delhi website.

Which is the official website for Delhi income certificate?

The official website where you can find your income certificate in Delhi is the E District Delhi website.

How to apply for income certificate in Delhi?

To apply for an income certificate in Delhi using the offline method, refer to the steps given below:
 Step 1: Visit the official website of District Delhi and register yourself using your mobile number. Then click on “Downloads” and then on “Application Forms”.
Income Certificate In Delhi
Step 2: Search for “Issuance of Income Certificate” and download the form. Print it and fill in your personal details. Attach an affidavit with this form, declaring that the information is true.
Step 3: Submit the completed application form, along with the supporting documentation, to your Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s office. You will be given an application number that you can use to check on the progress of your income certificate.
Step 4: Following the submission of the documents, the relevant authorities will undertake a local investigation to confirm the information provided in the application.
Step 5: After successful verification of the information, you will receive your income certificate 14 days after submitting your application.

How to apply for an income certificate Delhi online?

To apply for an income certificate in Delhi using the online method, follow the steps given.
Step 1: Log into your account on the official District Delhi website. Create an account if you don’t have one. You will be required to enter your personal details for registration, like Permanent Address, Phone number, Residential Locality, etc. An access code will be sent to your registered mobile number as well as the email address that you used to complete the registration.
 income certificate Delhi
Step 2: After logging in, click on “Apply Online” on the tab and select “Apply for Services” in the drop down menu.
Step 3: Under the Services list, find “Issuance of Income Certificate” and click on the “Apply” button.
Step 4: Your basic information as per your registration will be displayed. Check the details and then click on “Continue”.
Step 5: Fill in the entry form with details regarding the issuance of the income certificates. Some questions that you need to answer are “Purpose to obtain Income Certificate”, “Place of Residence”, “Whether Income Certificate Issued Earlier”, etc,.
Step 6: Enter the monthly income of your family members in the table given below the form.
Step 7: Click on “Continue to Next”.
Step 8: You will be required to upload documents for Identity Proof, Residence Proof, Self Declaration, and two optional documents. Click on “Continue to Next”.
Step 9: Upload a passport size photo of yourself and then click on “Continue to Final Submit”.
Step 10: You will be asked to verify your details once more and check for any errors. Edit any information that you need to change and then click on “Final Submit”.
Step 11: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in the space provided and click “Submit”.
Step 12: An Acknowledgment Receipt will be displayed on your screen. You can save and print this receipt for future reference. The Application Number on this receipt can be used to track the status of your income certificate.

How long does it take to get income certificate in Delhi?

The income certificate in Delhi will be issued 14 days after its date of application.

How to check income certificate Delhi status?

You can refer to the steps given below to check your income certificate status.
Step 1: On the District Delhi website, click on” Track Your Application” under the Services list on the right side of the page.
income certificate Delhi
Step 2: Under Department, select “Department of Revenue”.
Step 3: Under Applied For, select “Issuance of Income Certificate”. 
Step 4: Fill in the application number, the applicant’s name, and the security code. Then click “Search”. The present status of the application, including details such as Name of Applicant, Father’s Name, Date of Application, etc, will be displayed.

How to download self declaration form for income certificate Delhi?

You can download the self declaration form for income certificate Delhi from here.

How to download income certificate Delhi?

You can download your income certificate online once it is available by following the given steps.
Step 1: Log into your account on the District Delhi website.
Step 2: Click on “Print” on the top tab and select “Certificate” from the drop down menu.
Step 3: Enter your 14 digit Application Number next to the Certificate Number and then enter your Date of Birth. Click “Submit”. You will receive an OTP on your mobile number that you can enter to download the certificate.
Alternatively, on the home page of the District Delhi website, click on “View/Download Certificate” on the right hand side. Select “Department of Revenue” under “Department”, and “Issuance of Income Certificate” as “Applied For” and fill in the details. Click “Continue”. Enter the OTP that you will receive on your registered mobile number and then click “Download”.
 income certificate Delhi

How to get Delhi income certificate application form?

You can download the income certificate application form from the District Delhi website by clicking on “Downloads”, then “Application Forms”, and then finding “Issuance of Income Certificate” in the list.
Alternatively, you can download the income certificate form from here.

What are the documents required to get Delhi income certificate?

For an income certificate, the documents required are:
●  One passport size photograph of the application
●  An attested copy of the applicant’s address proof
●  Copy of the applicant’s Aadhaar Card
●  National Food Security Card or BPL Ration Card
●  A copy of a previous income certificate, if issued earlier
●  Relevant documents of expenditure such as electricity bill, water bill, rent, etc.
●  The attested copy of the self-declaration form along with the application form

How to do Delhi income certificate verification?

For Delhi income certificate verification, you can follow the steps given below.
Step 1: On the District Delhi home page, click on “Verify your Certificate” under the Services menu on the right side of the page.
 income certificate Delhi

Step 2: Select “Department of Revenue” under the Department option.
Step 3: Select “Issuance of Income Certificate” under “Applied For”.
Step 4: Enter the Application Number, Applicant’s Name, and the security code before clicking “Submit”.
Step 5: The details of your income certificate will be displayed. You can check here whether the certificate has been verified or not

What is the validity of Delhi income certificate?

The income certificate validity is six months from its date of issuance

Can you do income certificate renewal online in Delhi?

No, you cannot do income certificate renewal online. However, you can book an appointment for income certificate renewal with the Delhi Doorstep Delivery of Public Services on the official website of Delhi Government. The official from the responsible department will visit you on the day of your appointment for verification of your documents. Renewal of income certificate costs ₹50.

What is an affidavit for income certificate in Delhi?

Affidavit for income certificate is a legal document that is used to declare the income of one’s family as true to the best of their knowledge. These affidavits can be used as evidence in family court. The deponent can be charged for perjury and be held in contempt of court if they make any incorrect or untrue statements in the affidavit.
You can download an affidavit for an income certificate here.

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