Applying For Online Marriage Certificate In Delhi – What You Need To Know

Want to know how to apply for an online marriage certificate In Delhi? What are the documents needed to get a marriage certificate in Delhi? What is Tatkal marriage certificate and how to get one?

Read on to know answers to all your questions related to Delhi marriage certificate application.

A marriage certificate, duly issued, will form the conclusive evidence of your marriage to your spouse.  If your marriage was solemnized within the territory of NCT of Delhi, here is some useful information on how to apply for online marriage certificate in Delhi.

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Marriage Certificate In Delhi – Top FAQs

Below listed are some of the frequently asked questions on applying for an online marriage certificate In Delhi and getting a tatkal marriage certificate.

When to apply for a marriage certificate in Delhi?

You can apply for a marriage certificate in Delhi, if the following conditions are satisfied:
a) Either the bride or the groom is a citizen of India.
b) Marriage has been formalized within the territory of  NCT of Delhi.
c) As on the date of marriage, the men should be at least of 21 years of age and women should be 18 years.
d) Neither party should have another living legal spouse, at the time of registration.
e) As on the date of application, the applicants must be cohabiting as husband and wife.
f) The marriage is not a prohibited relationship under applicable law, except when law recognizes a usage or custom applicable to each of the parties permitting such marriage.
g) Both parties are legally capable of giving a valid consent to the marriage and are of sound mind.
h) Neither party is unfit for marriage and procreation of children due to any mental disorder.
i) Neither party suffers from repeated bouts of epilepsy or insanity.
j) Either of the spouse has a permanent residence in the district of the Office registering the marriage.  If you are applying under the Special Marriage Act, then either one of you should have been residing in such district for a period of not less than 30 days immediately prior to the date of your application.

If you are seeking to register your marriage and get the marriage certificate in Delhi under the Hindu Marriage Act, the following additional conditions are to be noted:
You and your spouse are Hindus, Sikhs, Jains or Buddhists.
You and your spouse are not “sapindas” of each other, except when legally a usage or custom applicable to each of you permits such marriage

What are the document needed to apply for marriage certificate in Delhi?

Here is the list of documents you will need while applying for a marriage certificate in Delhi:

Name of DocumentPurposeApplicable for Options/ Specifications
Identity Proofs
Verifying the identity Bride
(Any one of the documents listed below is mandatory)
Aadhaar Card
PAN Card
Voter ID Card
Any Govt. recognized document
Ration Card with Photo
Driving License
Residence Proofs
a) Permanent address of Bride Before
b) Current address of bride after Marriage
b) Permanent address ofGroom Before Marriage
d) Current address of Groom after Marriage
c) Permanent address of all Witnesses
(Any one of the documents listed below is mandatory)
Aadhaar Card
Bank passbook
Voter ID Card
Any Govt. recognized document
Ration Card
Driving License
Electricity Bill
Gas Bill
Water Bill
Telephone Bill (Post Paid Mobile or Land Line)
Registered Rental Agreement
Proof of Date of Birth
Age ProofBride
(Any one of the documents listed below is mandatory)
Birth Cirtificate
Aadhaar card with verified Date of Birth
Vaccination card/ Nursing Home/ Hospital Report
Secondary School Certificate from a board recognized by Government of India
A certificate signed by the principal of school on the Letterhead
CMO / Doctor Report
Driving License
As per Prescribed Format. To be signed separately by each spouse.
This needs to be printed, duly stamped, signed and notarized.
One Passport size colour PhotoVerifying the identity Bride
Specifications prescribed can be found here.
Certificate from the priest, pandit, maulavi etc., if marriage was solemnized at a religious placeNo prescribed format.
Copy of Divorce Decree/ orderProof of Divorce from previous spouseIf either party is a divorceeNA
Death CertificateProof of death of previous spouseIf either party is a Widow or WidowerNA
Marriage PhotoProof of solemnisation of marriagePhoto of the couple together, in the wedding attire. A standard postcard size would suffice
Weeding Invitation/ cardProof of solemnisation of marriagePreferably one from the side of each spouse
Certificate from relevant Embassy regarding present marital status and nationality If Bride or Groom is a foreign NationalNo prescribed format

How to get online marriage certificate in Delhi?

To apply for online marriage certificate in Delhi, follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Taking Appointment With The SDM
For taking an appointment online, you need to do the following:
1) Log on to the Delhi Government Portal here.
2) Click on the option Registration of Marriage under the list of services.
3) If you are not already registered as a user, you will be required to register as a user by providing the details of your Aadhaar Card or Voters ID. You will also need to provide a valid mobile number for verification of your registration.
4) Once you have successfully registered, log in using your credentials.
5) Fill in the details of the Applicant
6) Ensure to choose your locality correctly as the SDM office allocated for registration depends on this.
7) Select “Registration of Marriage Certificate’
8) Fill in the form displayed appropriately and upload the relevant documents.
9) Select a date of appointment and click ‘Submit Application’.
10) Take a print out of the acknowledgement received.

Step 2 – Visiting The SDM’s Office With The Documents
Once the online application is submitted, you need to prepare a file with the originals and self attested copies of all the relevant documents, photographs, wedding cards etc. You also need take a print out of the Marriage Certificate Application Form and fill it in the same lines as the online form. You can download the application form here. Once you have these ready, you can proceed with the following:
1) Visit the designated SDM office at the appointed time along with witnesses and the originals of the documents.
2) Once the verification of the documents are completed, you will receive an email with a temporary marriage certificate which needs to be printed, signed and sent back to the same email Id.
3) Upon receipt of your signed document, the final certificate duly signed by the SDM will be made available in your e-district account. You can take a colour print out of the certificate.

Can I apply for a tatkal marriage certificate in Delhi?

Yes. you can apply for a tatkal marriage certificate in Delhi. Where there is an urgent requirement for issue of marriage certificate, you can avail the option of applying for a Tatkal Marriage Certificate in Delhi. The marriage certificate will be uploaded onto your e-district ID within 24 hours of approval of your documents, while in the normal course this could take a few weeks. However, the tatkal marriage certificate in Delhi entails a higher fees than the regular application.

What are the key things to note when uploading documents for online marriage certificate in Delhi?

The following need to be ensured while uploading documents:
1) While uploading documents, self attested copies are to be uploaded.
2) Each document can be uploaded in .jpeg or pdf format, but ensure to keep the documents size within 100kb and legible.
3) File size of photographs should not exceed 50kb.

What should you ensure before visiting the SDM’s office?

Here are some practical tips to assist your preparation to visit to the SDM’s office:
1) Reach the SDM office at least 30 -45 minutes prior to the designated time.
2) Carry all the originals of the documents. Keep more than one copy of the passport size photos.
3) Ensure that the witnesses accompanying you on the date of appointment are same as the ones, whose details you submitted online.
4) You will generally need two witnesses. However, if you are applying under Special marriage Act, you will need 3 witnesses.
5) Preferably keep self-attested PAN card copies of the witnesses in your file.

Is It Mandatory to Register a Marriage in Delhi?

Yes. From 2014, it is mandatory to register your marriage within 60 days of solemnization, and you can apply for issuance of marriage certificate while registering the marriage.

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