Assam Bank Holiday List 2021

Want to know Assam Bank holiday list 2021? Here is the full list of bank holidays in Assam for the year 2021. The below listed bank holidays in Assam include 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month.

The bank holidays are applicable to private as well as government run banks in the state.

Check out: Assam Govt Holiday List 2021 & Central Government Holidays 2021

Official Assam Bank Holiday List 2021

Below listed are the bank holidays in Assam for 2021. The Assam bank holiday list 2021 is based on official notification.

January 09, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
January 15, 2021FridayTusu Puja
January 23, 2021SaturdayFourth Saturday
January 26, 2021TuesdayRepublic Day, Gothar Bathou Sun
February 13, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
February 27, 2021SaturdayFourth Saturday
March 13, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
March 27, 2021SaturdayFourth Saturday
March 28, 2021SundayDoljatra
April 01, 2021ThursdayAnnual Closing of Bank Accounts
April 10, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
April 14, 2021WednesdayBohag Bihu
April 15, 2021ThursdayBohag Bihu
April 16, 2021FridayBohag Bihu
April 24, 2021SaturdayFourth Saturday
May 01, 2021SaturdayLabour Day
May 08, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
May 14, 2021FridayId-Ul-Fitr
May 22, 2021SaturdayFourth Saturday
June 12, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
June 26, 2021SaturdayFourth Saturday
July 10, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
July 21, 2021WednesdayId-Ul-Zuha
July 24, 2021SaturdayFourth Saturday
August 14, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
August 15, 2021SundayIndependence Day
August 28, 2021SaturdayFourth Saturday
September 08, 2021WednesdayTithi of Srimatna Sankardev
Septembr 11, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
September 25, 2021SaturdayFourth Saturday
October 02, 2021SaturdayBirthday of Mahatma Gandhi
October 09, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
October 13, 2021WednesdayDurga Puja
October 14, 2021ThursdayDurga Puja
October 15, 2021FridayBijoya Dashomi & Janmostav of Srimatna Sankardeva
October 18, 2021MondayKati Bihu
October 23, 2021SaturdayFourth Saturday
November 04, 2021ThursdayKali Puja & Diwali
November 13, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
November 27, 2021SaturdayFourth Saturday
December 11, 2021SaturdaySecond Saturday
December 25, 2021SaturdayChristmas Day/Fourth Saturday

Source: Kamrup(M) District Judiciary (

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