KSRTC Bus Pass – How To Apply And Who Is Eligible?

Are you eligible for a KSRTC bus pass? How to get Karnataka SRTC bus pass online? Where to find the form? Read on to know answers to all your questions.

A KSRTC bus pass is the most convenient method to travel in and around Karnataka. The Karnataka government’s official portal, Seva Sindhu, offers services for college and school students in the state to obtain bus passes at exceptionally reasonable costs.

Regular day-to-day commuters have the choice of opting for either a daily or a monthly KSRTC bus pass.

In this article, we will be answering your queries on how to apply for a KSRTC bus pass, the eligibility criteria, the bus pass prices, etc.

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KSRTC Bus Pass – An Overview

Employees, students, and others who travel using public transportation on a daily basis can get KSRTC bus passes at a discounted cost. The passes are available at all bus terminals. For those who do not wish to go to the Bus Stand office to apply for a bus pass, it is now possible to do so online.

In order to provide better services, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation’s department has launched a new portal for people, making it simpler for them to access KSRTC’s amenities.

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KSRTC Bus Pass – Eligibility

A person may be eligible for a KSRTC bus pass if:

  • They are a citizen of India
  • They are a school/college student
  • They are physically handicapped
  • They are a senior citizen


How to apply for Seva Sindhu bus pass? How to renew bus pass in Karnataka? Know answers to all your questions.

How to get a KSRTC bus pass for students (Seva Sindhu bus pass)?

Here’s how you can get a KSRTC bus pass for students on the Seva Sindhu portal:
Step 1: Visit the Seva Sindhu website.
Step 2: Log into your account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register from the home page using your Aadhaar Card number.
Step 3: Click on “Departments & Services” on the upper tab.
Step 4: Search and click on “Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation”. Then select “Issue of Bus Passes to School Children – KSRTC” from the dropdown menu.
KSRTC bus pass
Step 5: Read the provided information and click on “Apply Now”.
Step 6: Download the declaration form that you will need to get attested from your educational institution and then select “Proceed to apply”.
Step 7: Go through the extra information provided before filling in the student details in the KSRTC bus pass application form.
Step 8: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number for validation.
Step 9: Once the OTP has been validated, verify your details before checking the confirmation box. Click “Submit”.
Step 10: The filled form will be shown to you once for corrections if any. You can click on the edit button to make the changes. Otherwise, you can click on “Attach Annexure”.
Step 11: Attach the required documents and select “Save Annexures”.
Step 12: Click on “E-Sign and Submit”.
Step 13: Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click on the “OTP” button. You will be asked to enter your Aadhaar number to receive the OTP.
Step 14: Once the above step has been completed, an acknowledgment slip will be generated and your bus pass will be available in 15 days.

How to download KSRTC bus pass application form?

You can download the KSRTC bus pass application form from here.

How to get a KSRTC bus pass for physically handicapped?

To get a KSRTC bus pass for the physically handicapped, the beneficiary should be personally present at any of the following centers to submit the original disability certificate for verification:
●  Grama One
●  Karnataka One
●  CSC
An application form available with the concerned Divisional Offices should be filled and submitted with the appropriate attachments like the Disability certificate and/or ID card issued by the district welfare office of Disabled Persons & Senior Citizens attested by a minimum of Medical Officers or members of the District Medical Board of where the beneficiary is residing.
According to the Government of Karnataka, the cost for a KSRTC bus pass for Physically Challenged Persons is ₹660/- per year. These passes can be renewed every year from 1st January to 28th February.

Seva Sindhu Bus Pass for physically handicapped
You can also apply for a KSRTC bus pass for physically handicapped or a Seva Sindhu bus pass by following the given steps.
Step 1: On the Seva Sindhu website, click on “Category Wise Services”.
Step 2: Select “Driving and Transport Services”.
KSRTC bus pass

Step 3: From the menu on the left side, click on “Bus Passes to Citizens”.
 Step 4: Find “Bus pass for physically challenged – KSRTC” and click on the “Apply Now” button.
KSRTC bus pass
Step 5: On the new tab that opens, you will be asked to log into your account.
Step 6: After logging in, you will be directed to an online form. Enter the necessary information in the form and upload the documents required.
Step 7: An OTP will be sent to your mobile for verification. Once you have entered the OTP and clicked “Submit”, an acknowledgment slip containing the submitted information regarding the bus pass will be generated.

What are the documents required for KSRTC bus pass documents?

The KSRTC bus pass documents required are as follows:
●  Declaration form duly signed by Headmaster or Principal.
●  The paid receipt of the current education year of the school or college fees
●  Proof of Residence Certificate
●  Caste certificate If applicable

Can you do the KSRTC bus pass renewal on the Seva Sindhu portal?

Yes, you can do KSRTC bus pass renewal. If you already have a student bus pass, you can pay a sum of ₹50 at any bus station and get your pass renewed for another month.

For the renewal of the bus pass for the physically challenged, you can log onto your account on the Seva Sindhu website, click on “Apply for Services” and then “View All Available Services”.

Search and click on “Renewal of Bus Passes to Physically Challenged-KSRTC”. Fill in the form, upload the attachments and submit the application. Your bus pass should be renewed in 7 days.

What is the KSRTC bus pass enquiry number?

The KSRTC bus pass enquiry number is 080-26252625. You can also contact them on 080-49596666 or send them an email at contact@ksrtc.org

How to apply for a free bus pass in Karnataka for women?

To avail the free bus travel for women, currently you don’t have to apply for a pass. However, you will need to apply for a Shakti Card on Seva Sindhu website and obtain the card in 3 months. The registration for the free bus travel for women in Karnataka is yet to start.

Until the card is issued, to avail of the free travel benefits in Karnataka SRTC and other state-run buses, you must carry a government photo ID card with their residential address on it. You should be a resident of Karnataka to avail of the free bus pass benefit. Luxury and AC buses are exempted from the free bus ride scheme.

What Is The KSRTC Bus Pass Price For Students?

The KSRTC bus pass price for students is as follows:

Student Bus PassPrice (in ₹)
Primary school150
Boys (High School)750
Boys (SC/ST)150
Girls (High School)550
Girls (SC/ST)150
PUC (Degree, Diploma)1050
PUC (SC/ST)150
Professional Course1550
ProfessionalCourse (SC/ST)150
Evening College1350
Evening College (SC/ST)150

There are no application fees. Submission is free if it is done online. Otherwise, a service charge of ₹25 is levied.

What is the KSRTC bus pass monthly price?

Refer to the table below for the KSRTC bus pass monthly prices.

KSRTC Monthly Pass Rates For Mofussil Services

Chargeable stageExpress Pass Rate (In ₹)Ordinary Pass Rate (In ₹)

KSRTC Monthly Pass Rates For City Services

CityPass typeFor the General Public (₹)For Senior Citizens (₹)
MysoreCity services700630
MysoreCity and Suburban services925830
MysoreVolvo services1150N.A.
MangaloreCity services650585
MangaloreBC Road / Bantwal / Pane900810
TumkurUpto 10 chargeable stages550495
HassanUpto 8 chargeable stages600540


KSRTC Daily Passes To Bangalore City

Type of serviceRates (in ₹)
Mysore City & Suburban services60
Mysore City Volvo services100
Mangalore – Manipal170

KSRTC Daily Passes To Mysore City

These passes allow passengers to travel to Bangalore in both KSRTC and BMTC buses.

FromRates (in ₹)

Daily Passes to Mysore City

FromRates (in ₹)
K.R Nagara100
H.D Kote110
K.R Pete125
H.D. Kote Handpost100
T. Narasipura60

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