TS Bus Pass – How To Apply For TSRTC Bus Pass In Telangana?

Who can apply for TSRTC bus pass? Are you eligible for TS bus pass? How to renew Telangana bus pass? Is there a different process to avail TSRTC bus pass for students? Know the answers to all your questions.

The Telangana Transport Department is asking all residents of the state to avail the state’s public bus system through the Bus Pass Scheme. Their main goal is to provide low-cost bus service while also reducing pollution in the state, thus making the TSRTC Bus Pass available to Telangana residents who ride the bus for daily employment and other activities.

Who Is Eligible For The TS Bus Pass?

You are eligible for a Telangana bus pass if you are a:

  • Student
  • Journalist
  • Dialysis Patient

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Telangana TSRTC Bus Pass Rates

The pass rates are as follows:

Bus Pass TypeTS Bus Pass Price
Ordinary Bus Pass₹700 to ₹950
Metro Express₹880 to ₹1070
Metro Deluxe₹990 to ₹1180
Airport Pushpak₹2625
NGO Ordinary₹320
NGO Metro Express₹450
NGO Metro Deluxe₹570

A TSRTC bus pass for students can cost from between ₹390 to ₹495, depending on the route and distance.

TS Bus Pass / TSRTC Bus Pass – The A To Z

This article tells you all you need to know about how to apply for a TS bus pass and through an offline and online method, the eligibility criteria, the TSRTC bus pass rates, etc.

What is the TS bus pass?

Purchasing a TS bus pass can now help you save the hassle and time to buy a ticket when you board a bus. By paying for a monthly or quarterly TS bus pass, you can even reduce your expenditure on public transport. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Telangana State Government has made it possible for students and various commuters to apply for a TSRTC bus pass through its official web portal.

How to apply for a TSRTC bus pass online?

To apply for a TSRTC bus pass online, follow the steps given below.
Step 1: On the TSRTC website, click on “Apply” under either ‘Dialysis Passes’ or ‘Journalist Passes’, depending on the category you fall under. For General Commuters and/or students, click on the “Apply” button on the “Hyd City, Greater Hyd & Surrounding Districts Passes” tile. Here, you can apply as a college student, school student, or general commuter.
TSRTC bus pass

Step 2: An online application form will open up in a new tab. Correctly fill in your details.
Step 3: Click “Submit”.
Step 4: You will be required to make an online payment to complete the application process. For Journalist and Dialysis Patient passes, the payment is to be made at the TSRTC bus pass centers at the time of submission of application.
Step 5: After the payment has been done, you will be shown a preview of your application. Download and print this application. Submit it at your nearest bus pass center.

How to do the TSRTC bus pass application offline?

The offline method for the TSRTC bus pass application is only available for students. The bus pass application forms can be found at all TSRTC bus pass centers free of cost. Students need to fill it up carefully, attach a passport size photo along with an original bonafide certificate, copy of their ID card or SSC memo, or allotment order. This application needs to be attested by the Head of the student’s institution before being submitted. 

How to do TSRTC bus pass printing?

For your TSRTC bus pass printing, all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Go to the TSRTC website and click on “Apply” under the “Hyd City, Greater Hyd & Surrounding Districts Passes” tile.
Step 2: From the various lists displayed, select the “Print” option next to “Print Application”.
TSRTC bus pass
Step 3: Enter your Registered ID and click submit.
 TSRTC bus pass
Step 4: You will be able to view and download your bus pass from here.

Which is the TSRTC bus pass login page?

As of now, there is no TSRTC bus pass login page.

How to check your TSRTC bus pass status?

To check your TSRTC bus pass status, refer to these steps.
Step 1: On the TSRTC website, click on any of the “Track Application” tabs.
Step 2: A new page will open. Select how you want to track your application (through registered ID, mobile number, Aadhaar number, email address), enter the information, then select Commuter Type. Click “Submit”.
 TS Bus Pass
Step 3: The details of your bus pass will be displayed on the page.

What is the TSRTC bus pass helpline number?

The TSRTC bus pass helpline number is 8008204216. You can also contact them for e-ticketing, refund, or other related queries on 040-30102829 or 040-68153333.

How to do TSRTC bus pass renewal online?

Currently, there is no option for TSRTC bus pass renewal online.

Where to get TSRTC bus pass form?

You can download the TSRTC bus pass form from here for Students.

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