Encumbrance Certificate Of Telangana – How To Apply, Do Online Search And More

Want to know about encumbrance certificate of Telangana? Can you get encumbrance certificate online or download? How to apply for encumbrance certificate in Telangana offline? Read on to find answers to all your questions about the IGRS Telangana EC.

One of the most crucial documents necessary during the time of property purchase is an encumbrance certificate. The encumbrance certificate of Telangana verifies that the property is free of liabilities and that the possession is legal and tradable. The encumbrance certificate in Telangana lists all of the transactions that have occurred on the property.

When you obtain a TS Encumbrance certificate, you’ll know you’re engaging with a trustworthy vendor who isn’t in any legal or financial trouble. If the property is involved in a legal dispute, the IGRS Telangana EC must reflect this.

Telangana EC would also contain a track of any legal claims filed against the property during the time period mentioned while issuing it. The certificate is issued 15 to 30 days after the application is submitted.

Encumbrance Certificate In TelanganaQuick Facts

Issuer Telangana Government
DepartmentThe Registration and Stamps Department
Used forproperty related transactions & MeeSeva portal

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Encumbrance Certificate Of TelanganaTop FAQs

What is Encumbrance Certificate of Telangana state?

The encumbrance certificate of Telangana verifies that the property is free of debts and encumbrances and that the owning of the property is fair and marketable. Encumbrance certificate Telangana is granted by the Department of Registration.

How to get Encumbrance certificate online in Telangana State?

You cannot get the encumbrance certificate online in Telangana state. However, you can follow the steps given below to apply for the EC offline:
Step 1: Visit the Telangana State’s MeeSeva Portal.

Encumbrance Certificate of Telangana

Step 2: Move your cursor to “Other Links” that is on the left side of the page and click on “Government Forms”.
Step 3: A new page will open, titled MeeSeva Services. Under the various categories of MeeSeva forms, scroll down till you find “Registration” and click on it. You will find “Encumbrance Certificate” in the dropdown menu.
Step 4: Download the online Encumbrance certificate form. You can download it from here as well. Print and fill the details and attach the required documents.
Step 7: Submit your form to the nearest Meeseva center. You will be provided with an acknowledgment slip. An officer will verify your documents before moving your form forward to the Sub Registrar’s Office. Once your form has reached the MeeSeva center, you will receive an SMS regarding its status.

How to download Encumbrance certificate in Telangana?

You cannot do Telangana Encumbrance certificate download. However, you can download the application form from the MeeSeva portal, under the Registration category.

What are the documents required for getting online Encumbrance certificate TS?

You can’t apply for IGRS Telangana EC online hence can’t get online encumbrance certificate TS. To apply for document offline, some of the documents you require are:
●  Property registration document.
●  Address proof of the applicant.
●  Property details and its title deed details.
●  The property sale deed/ partition deed /gift deed/ release deed in the event of a previously
executed deed.

The deed number upon registration that should contain the date, booking number and the signature of the applicant.

Why do you need an encumbrance certificate in Telangana?

In general, an encumbrance certificate of Telangana is required in the following situations:
When purchasing a home: This is a must-have document to guarantee you’re dealing with the right person and that the property has no outstanding loans.
When taking out a home loan to purchase a home: Before accepting your home loan application, most banks will need the encumbrance certificate.
When you take money out of your provident fund to buy a house: If you’re taking money out of your provident fund to pay for a down payment on a house, your employer will likely ask for the EC.
When you go through the property mutation process: After purchasing a property, the owner must have the possession transfer documented in the government records.
When selling the house: When selling the property, the seller must file for and obtain the paperwork from the government’s records in order to display it to the buyer.

How to check encumbrance certificate status TS?

Here’s how you can check the status of your encumbrance certificate of Telangana:
Step 1: Go to the Registration and Stamps Department portal, operated by the Government of Telangana.
 encumbrance certificate status TS

Step 2: Click on “Encumbrance Search” under the “Online Services” section.
Step 3: A new window will open. Read the information and click “Submit”.
encumbrance certificate Telangana
Step 4: You can choose to search by using the Document Number or by Property. Depending on what you choose, you will need to enter your details, like Document Number, Year of Registration, SRO, or your District, Mandal, Village, etc. Click “Submit” to find your IGRS Telangana EC.
encumbrance certificate Telangana

What is a non encumbrance certificate of Telangana ?

The Non-Encumbrance Certificate (NEC) is another significant legal documentation that ensures a property is free of all financial and legal obligations. Non-Encumbrance Certificate in Telangana, also known as a Search Certificate, is evidence that a property has proof of ownership and that the ownership can be transferred without going to court.
A Non-Encumbrance Certificate typically lists all financial and legal transactions involving a certain property over a specified time period.

How to get encumbrance certificate of Telangana offline?

To get an IGRS Telangana EC, you need to do the following:
Step 1: Visit the Sub Registrar’s Office. This depends on the jurisdiction the property falls under.
Step 2: Fill and submit Form 22. The information you are required to provide in the form is the names of seller and buyer, estate details, etc.
Step 3: Pay the required fee. For Telangana EC, the service charge is INR 25. For up to 30 years, it costs INR 200 and for more than 30 years, it costs INR 500. (For further information on the fees, you can check here.)
Step 4: You will receive a reference number once your application is successfully accepted. You can use this number to track the status of your application online.

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