Odisha Chief Ministers List Since Independence

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Since independence (then Orissa) had 14 chief ministers. The current Odisha chief minister is Naveen Patnaik from Biju Janata Dal.

Naveen Patnaik is the longest standing chief minister and has been serving the state since 2000.

Here is the full list of chief ministers of Odisha from 1947. The article also contains the list of Prime Ministers of Orissa/ Odisha pre-independence.

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Odisha Chief Ministers
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Full List Of Odisha Chief Ministers From 1947 To Present

Find below the full list of Odisha Chief Ministers. The list includes the name of Odisha chief ministers, their tenure and party.

Chief MinisterConstituencyTenureParty
Harekrushna Mahatab
East Bhadrak
15 August 1947 – 12th May 1950Indian National Congress
Nabakrushna ChoudhuryBarchana12th May 1950 – 19th October 1956Indian National Congress
Dr Harekrushna MahatabSoro19th October 1956 – 25th February 1961Indian National Congress
President’s ruleNA25th February 1961 – 23rd June 1961NA
Biju Patnaik
23rd June 1961 – 2nd October 1963Indian National Congress
Biren MitraCuttack City2nd October 1963 – 21st February 1965Indian National Congress
Sada Shiva TripathyOmerkote21st February 1965 – 8th March, 1967Indian National Congress
Rajendra Narayan Singh DeoBolangir8th March 1967 – 9th January 1971
Swatantra Party
President’s ruleNA11th January 1971 – 3rd April 1971NA
Biswanath DasRourkela3rd April 1971 – 14th June 1972Independent
Nandini SatpathyCuttack14th June 1972 – 3rd March, 1973Indian National Congress
President’s ruleNA3rd March 1973 – 6th March, 1974NA
Nandini SatpathyDhenkanal6th March 1974 – 16th December 1976Indian National Congress
President’s ruleNA16th December 1976 – 29th December 1976NA
Binayak AcharyaBerhampur29th December, 1976 – 30th April, 1977Indian National Congress
President’s ruleNA30th April 1977 – 26th June 1977NA
Nilamani RoutrayBasudevpur26th June 1977 – 17th February 1980Janata Party
President’s ruleNA17th February 1980 – 9th June 1980NA
Janaki Ballabh PatnaikAthagarh9th June 1980 – 7th December 1989Indian National Congress
Hemananda BiswalLaikera7th December 1989 – 5th March, 1990Indian National Congress
Biju PatnaikBhubaneswar5th March 1990 – 15th March, 1995Janata Dal
Janaki Ballabh PatnaikBegunia15th March 1995 – 17th February 1999Indian National Congress
Dr Giridhar GamangLaxmipur17th February 1999 – 6th December 1999Indian National Congress
Hemananda BiswalLaikera6th December 1999 – 5th March, 2000Indian National Congress
Naveen PatnaikHinjili5th March 2000 – 16 May 2004Biju Janata Dal
Naveen PatnaikHinjili16 May 2004 – 21 May 2009Biju Janata Dal
Naveen PatnaikHinjili21 May 2009 – 21 May 2014
Biju Janata Dal
Naveen PatnaikHinjili21 May 2014-29 May 2019Biju Janata Dal
Naveen PatnaikHinjili29 May 2019- incumbent Biju Janata Dal

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Chief Ministers Of Orissa/Odisha – Quick Facts

  • First chief minister of Odisha: Harekrushna Mahatab from INC.
  • Longest-serving Chief Minister of Odisha: Naveen Patnaik. (Over five consecutive terms since 2000)
  • First woman Chief Minister of Odisha: Nandini Satpathy
  • Odisha Chief Minister with the shortest tenure: Giridhar Gamang (February 17, 1999, to December 6, 1999)
  • Only Chief Minister elected to the Lok Sabha while in office: Biren Mitra
  • Odisha Chief Ministers who were also writers: Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab and Nandini Satpathy

Prime Ministers Of Orissa/ Odisha

The Prime Minister of Orissa (Now Odisha) was the head of the government of Orissa Province During the British rule.

After the independence the position was dissolved, and the state became a part of the republic of India.

Prime MinisterTenure Party Governer Viceroy
Krushna Chandra Gajapati1 April 1937 – 19 July 1937Independent John Austen HubbackThe Marquess of Linlithgow
Bishwanath Das19 July 1937 – 6 November 1939Indian National CongressJohn Austen Hubback,
G. T. Boag
The Marquess of Linlithgow
Krushna Chandra Gajapati24 November 1941- 30 June 1944Independent Howthorne LewisThe Marquess of Linlithgow,
The Viscount Wavell
Harekrushna Mahatab23 April 1946 – 26 January 1950Indian National CongressChandulal Madhavlal TrivediThe Viscount Wavell,
Earl Mountbatten

Source: https://magazines.odisha.gov.in

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