Complete List Of Smart Cities In Tamil Nadu

Want to know about the Smart Cities in Tamil Nadu? Are you trying to find the Tamil Nadu Smart City List? Read on to find all you need to know about TN Smart Cities.

The Smart Cities Mission launched in 2015 by the Government of India aims at developing selected cities into world class cities. These cities focus on improving the quality of life of their citizens by improving their social, economic and environmental circumstances.

Tamil Nadu Smart Cities are established under the Mission Directorate of Tamil Nadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (TUFIDCO). List of Smart Cities in TN comprises of 11 cities. Tamil Nadu has one of the largest number of Smart Cities in India.

Smart City Awards For 3 Corporation in Tamil Nadu

The below listed corporations in Tamil Nadu have won best smart city awards in various categories:

  1. Coimbatore – Got first prices for for lake restoration, financil operations and model roads
  2. Tuticorin – Got 3rd price for digitization of schools
  3. Thanjavur- Got 3rd price for cultural development and upkeep of towns history

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List of Smart Cities in Tamil Nadu

SL NOSmart Cities In Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu Smart Cities – FAQs

Find below answers to some of the frequently questions about TN smart city mission.

How Many Smart Cities are there in Tamil Nadu?

The total number of Smart Cities in Tamil Nadu is 11.

Which is the first Smart City in Tamil Nadu?

Coimbatore was the first city to be selected as a Smart City in Tamil Nadu

Which is the latest addition to the list of Smart Cities in Tamil Nadu?

Erode is latest addition to the list of Smart Cities in Tamil Nadu

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