Online Doctor Consultation In Bangalore – Best Hospitals And Apps For Online Doctor Appointment

Of late, a good number of hospitals have started offering online doctor consultation in Bangalore to cater to their customers. These include St. John’s Medical College, Manipal Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Sakra World Hospital, Cloudnine, Fortis, Rainbow, and HCG Cancer Care Hospital, to name a few.

You can also use online doctor appointment apps such as Practo, DocsApp, 1MG, mfine, etc. to talk to a physician or specialist, seek medical advice, and get prescriptions online, without having to step out of the house.

Want to know more about online doctor consultation in Bangalore? Check out the names, helpline numbers, websites, and other details about the hospitals and apps for online consultation with doctors in Bangalore.

Best Hospitals For Online Doctor Consultation In Bangalore

Many prominent multispecialty hospital chains in the city such as Apollo and Manipal are currently offering facilities for video and teleconsultation with their doctors. Maternity hospitals like Cloudnine, children’s hospitals like Rainbow, and cancer care hospitals like HCG are some of the specialty care hospitals that provide online doctor consultation in Bangalore.

Some hospitals such as Aster CMI and Aster RV have an online doctor consultation app (called eConsult Aster) that you can download from the PlayStore (Android phones) and AppStore (iPhones). St. Johns Medical College Hospital, one of the premium medical institutions in the state, offers teleconsultation services through a healthcare aggregator app named Graph My Health (GMH).

For a complete list of hospitals that offer online doctor consultation in Bangalore, check out the list below:

Manipal HospitalsMultispecialtyOld Airport Road180-0102-5555, +91-96064-57127
Whitefield180-0102-5555, +91-80-2502-7001, +91-80-2502-7408,
Brookefield (MH Clinic)180-0102-5555
Jayanagar180-0102-5555, +91-80-4009-1000, +91-96327-75666
St. John's Medical CollegePrivate Medical College and HospitalKoramangala+91-80-2206-5003, +91-80-2206-5004, +91-80-2206-5008, +91-80-2206-5250
Sakra World Hospital MultispecialtyMarathahalli +91-80-4969-4969
Aster CMI HospitalMultispecialtyHebbal +91-80-4342-0100, +91-80-2214-7147
Aster RV HospitalMultispecialtyJP Nagar+91-80-2204-0400
Columbia Asia HospitalMultispecialtyDoddaballapur+91-80-6660-6666
Hebbal+91-80-6660-0666, +91-80-4179-1000
Sarjapur Road +91-80-6675-6565, +91-88840-54545
Whitefield+91-80-6165-6666, +91-80-3313-0333
Cloudnine Hospital Pregnancy and Maternity CareJayanagar+91-99728-99728
Old Airport Road+91-99728-99728
HRBR Layout +91-99728-99728
Fortis HospitalMultispecialtyBannerghatta Road+91-96633-67253, +91-80662-14444
Cunningham Road+91-96868-60310, +91-80-4199-4444
Rajaji Nagar+91-76187-72262
Richmond Road (La Femme)+91-80674-54444
Rainbow Children's Hospital & BirthRight by RainbowPaediatric and Pregnancy and Maternity CareMarathahalli 1800-2122
Bannerghatta Road1800-2122
Apollo Hospitals (Ask Apollo)MultispecialtySheshadripuram186-0500-1066, +91-70938-40123 (chat only)
Bannerghatta Road186-0500-1066, +91-70938-40123 (chat only)
Jayanagar186-0500-1066, +91-70938-40123 (chat only)
Multiple clinics across Bangalore186-0500-1066, +91-70938-40123 (chat only)
Narayana Health MultispecialtyHSR Layout 186-0208-0208
Hosur Road 186-0208-0208
Sampangi Rama Nagar186-0208-0208
New BEL Road186-0208-0208
Langford Town 186-0208-0208
Electronic City Phase 1186-0208-0208
Sarjapur Main Road 186-0208-0208
M S Ramaiah Nagar186-0208-0208
Apollo CradlePediatrics and Pregnancy and Maternity CareJayanagar1860-500-4424
Motherhood HospitalPediatrics and Pregnancy and Maternity CareIndira Nagar +91-80-6723-8833, 180-0108-8008
Sarjapur Road +91-80-6723-8811, 180-0108-8008
Hebbal +91-80-6723-8822, 180-0108-8008
HRBR Layout+91-80-6723-8855, 180-0108-8008
Banashankari+91-80-6723-8844, 180-0108-8008
Apollo Sugar Clinics Diabetics and EndocrinologyMultiple locations 180-0103-1010
MS Ramaiah HospitalMultispecialtyNew BEL Road+91-80-2360-8888, +91-80-2360-9999
Sagar HospitalsMultispecialtyJayanagar+91-80-4288-8888
NU Hospitals Nephrology and UrologyRajaji Nagar+91-80-4248-9999

Padmanabha Nagar+91-80-4248-9999
Gleneagles Global HospitalsMultispecialtyRichmond Road+91-80-3745-5555
Online Doctor Consultation In Bangalore

Online Doctor Consultation In BangaloreTop Apps

Doctor consultation apps such as Practo, Lybrate, 1MG, DocsApp, MedLife, etc. are another great way to seek medical advice from the comfort of your home. These are online platforms where a large number of qualified doctors from various hospitals are registered.

You can download one of these apps, register on it, choose a doctor of your choice, and get online consultation. The web versions for these apps are also available. Some of these apps also give free online doctor consultation for registered members, subject to certain terms and conditions.

In addition to offering online consultation with doctors in Bangalore, these apps also allow you to book face-to-face appointments. Some doctor consultation apps like 1MG deliver medicines online while others like Lybrate allow you to book lab tests through them. Listed below are some of the top apps you can use to book online doctor consultation in Bangalore.

Name Mobile App VersionWeb Version
PractoAndroid Click here
DocsAppAndroidClick here
Ask ApolloAndroidClick here
Doctor InstaAndroid Click here
LybrateAndroid Click here
1MGAndroidClick here
mfineAndroidClick here
icliniqAndroidClick here
DoxtroAndroidClick here
DocOnlineAndroidClick here
CureFitAndroidClick here
Doctor 24x7AndroidNA
CrediHealthAndroidClick here
iOS - NA

Online Doctor Consultation In BangaloreFAQS

Q: What is online doctor consultation?

A: Online doctor consultation aka telemedicine or teleconsultation involves virtual consultation through phone calls, chats, video calls, etc. It allows you to talk to a doctor or specialist, seek medical advice, and get prescriptions online, without having to step out of the house. Needless to say, teleconsultation with a doctor doesn’t entail physical examinations or tests, so it is not and cannot be considered as a replacement for physical consultations.

Q: How can I do an online doctor consultation in Bangalore?

A: The process of booking an online doctor consultation might vary slightly from hospital to hospital or from app to app. Typically, it involves the following steps:
Step-1: Visit the website of the hospital and click on the online consultation option. If you are doing it through an app, download the app.
Step-2: Register (on the site or app) using your name, phone number, and other details.
Step-3: Choose the specialty (pediatrics, orthopedics, cardiology, dermatology, etc.)
Step-4: Choose a doctor (some online doctor consultation apps will ask you to type your symptoms and will assign a doctor based on that)
Step-5: Choose a consultation slot
Step-6: Pay the consultation fee online and confirm the appointment
Once the appointment is confirmed, you can talk to the doctor online through audio or video calls or chat. Depending on the nature of your medical condition, the doctor might also ask you to share photos of the same. For instance, a dermatologist might want to see pictures to better assess and diagnose your skin conditions and prescribe medicines accordingly.

Q: Can I chat with a doctor online for free?

A: It depends on the app you choose. Some platforms like Practo and Doctor Insta will allow you to post your health questions online for free. Qualified doctors from their panel will answer your queries. You typically have the option to follow up with these doctors or get on a video call with them after paying consultation charges. To get a better picture, it is best that you check the free online doctor consultation policies of the app/platform you are using.

Q: How can I get a prescription online?

A: Following an online consultation session, doctors will share the prescription for medication, if any, based on the diagnosis. You can use this prescription to buy medicines from a medical store. If the doctor feels that further tests are required for the proper diagnosis of your condition, she/he may recommend tests rather than prescribing medicines.

Q: How much does it cost for online doctor consultation in Bangalore?

A: It can be anywhere between INR 199 to INR 1000 or more. Many factors determine online doctor consultation fees such as the specialty, qualification and experience of doctors, and the platform/hospital you choose, to name a few. For instance, the consultation charges for an orthopedic surgeon or a cardiologist will be considerably higher than that of a general physician.

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