Encumbrance Certificate In Kerala – How To Apply, Download And Search For EC

It is essential to know that an encumbrance certificate in Kerala is required in order to obtain a property loan from a bank or financial institution. This is to prove that the property is not already mortgaged.

If the land tax has not been paid for more than three years, an EC is to be submitted to the Village or Panchayat Officer for property transactions and updating the land tax. The document is also required when withdrawing PF for the purchase or building of a property.

The Charge For Kerala Encumbrance Certificate

The encumbrance certificate Kerala charges are as follows:

Application for a certified copy of encumbrance certificate₹10
General search for first 5 years₹100
General search for 6 to 30 years₹250
General search for more than 30 years₹250 + ₹25 for every additional year after the 30 years

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Encumbrance Certificate In KeralaEverything You Should Know

Here, we will answer your queries on how to apply for an online encumbrance certificate in Kerala, how to check the status, the fees, and the download process.

What is an encumbrance certificate in Kerala?

An encumbrance certificate in Kerala is a crucial document that certifies that a property is free of all financial and legal obligations. The encumbrance certificate proves that a property has a clear title and that its possession may be transferred without any legal issues.

An encumbrance certificate or EC typically lists all legal and financial transactions that involve a property during a specific time period. The encumbrance certificate is issued by Kerala’s Registration Department.

How to apply for an encumbrance certificate in Kerala?

To apply for an encumbrance certificate in Kerala, follow the steps given below. Please note that this is the offline method of application.
Step 1: Visit your local Sub-Registrar’s Office and fill out Form 22 with all relevant information, such as the seller’s name, the buyer’s name, the property’s details, the document type, and so on.
Step 2: Pay the required fee.
Step 3: After submitting the form, you will be given a reference number. This reference number can be used to track your application’s status online.

What are the documents required for a Kerala encumbrance certificate application?

The documents required for a Kerala encumbrance certificate application are:
1. Copy of sale deed of the said property (any one deed for the land. It is not necessary to
submit the last or latest one)
2. An attested copy of the Proof of Address of the applicant
3. If the application is submitted by an attorney, a copy of the Power of Attorney must be
4. Address of the property, survey number, document/patta number
5. Period for which the encumbrance certificate is required
6. Purpose for which the encumbrance certificate is applied for
7. Applicant’s Aadhaar card
8. Applicable fees
9. Property card, if available

Can you apply for a Kerala encumbrance certificate online?

Yes, you can apply for a Kerala encumbrance certificate online by following these easy steps:
Step 1: On the Kerala registration department’s official website, click on ‘Encumbrance Certificate’ from the Certificate option, then click on  ‘Submit Application for EC’.
 encumbrance certificate in Kerala

 Step 2: You will be directed to the ‘Application page for Encumbrance Certificate’.
 encumbrance certificate in Kerala

 Step 3: Fill out the application, including “Previous Document Details” and click on “Save/Update”.
Step 4: Fill in the Property Details and Boundary of the property, then click on  “Save/Update”.
Step 5: After entering your information, fill in the search period of the encumbrance certificate and then click the “Calculate Fee” option. This will display the total fee you need to pay for the certificate.
 encumbrance certificate in Kerala

Step 6: Following your submission and payment, an Acknowledgment box will appear. To see the acknowledgment, click the ‘View Acknowledgment’ button. Your acknowledgment will open on a separate page, where you may print it or download it as a digital file.

For future reference, save the transaction ID from the acknowledgment file. Your online encumbrance certificate Kerala will be ready in 2 to 10 days after you have submitted the application.

How to download an encumbrance certificate Kerala?

You can download the certificate online by referring to the steps given below.
Step 1: On the official website of the Registration Department of Kerala. Now choose the “EC status” option from the menu under the “Certificate” tab.
Step 2: Key in your transaction ID as well as the captcha code on the box that opens.
Step 3: Select “check status” from the drop-down menu. A new screen will open where you can check your EC status.
Step 4: You can download your encumbrance certificate in PDF format by selecting the download button.

Can you check Kerala encumbrance certificate application status online?

Here are the steps to check the application status of your Kerala encumbrance certificate online:
Step 1: On the official website of the Government of Kerala’s Registration Department, click on “Certificate”, then select “Encumbrance Certificate” and then “EC Status”. You can even click on the “Check Application Status” button on the homepage.
 encumbrance certificate in Kerala
Step 2: Enter your Transaction ID and the CAPTCHA. Click “Check Status”.
Step 3: The status of your encumbrance certificate application will be displayed.

What is the validity of the encumbrance certificate Kerala?

The validity of the encumbrance certificate Kerala is as per the mentioned time frame on the certificate.

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