Nagpur Metro Map, Routes, Timings, Fare, and More

Check out this post for all the information you need on Nagpur Metro. Besides the metro routes in Nagpur, this post has the latest Nagpur Metro Rail map, timings, station list, ticket price, and more. 

Nagpur Metro Rail is a rapid transit system that serves the city of Nagpur. Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha Metro) owns and operates this metro network. It has been operational since 2019.

Currently, two Nagpur Metro routes/ lines are in operation, covering a distance of 38 km. The Orange Line connects Automotive Square with Khapri. The Aqua Line runs between Prajapati Nagar and Lokmanya Nagar.

The total number of Nagpur Metro stations is 37. The Orange Line has 18 stations, while the Aqua Line has 20. The interchange station between the lines is at Sitaburdi. 

Phase 1 of the metro network is complete and fully operational, while Nagpur Metro Phase 2 is under consideration. It consists of 4 extensions of the existing Orange and Aqua lines. 

Continue reading this post for more details, including Nagpur Metro timings, online ticket booking, Maha Card, and more. It also contains downloadable versions of the Nagpur Metro route map and timetable. 

Nagpur MetroQuick Info

Name Nagpur Metro 
Started operations on 8th March, 2019 
Owned and operated byMaharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha Metro)
Total number of operational lines 2 lines (Orange and Aqua)
Operational routes Automotive Square – KhapriPrajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar
Total distance/ length38 km
Number of stations37 stations (36 operational stations and 1 station under construction)
Interchange station between lines Sitaburdi Metro Station
Opening time 6:00 am, all days of the week 
Closing time 10:00 pm, all days of the week
Online booking Available through the official app 
Official mobile app Nagpur Metro Rail app 
Ticket price INR 10 to INR 41
Terminal stations Automotive Square,
Prajapati Nagar,
Lokmanya Nagar
Types of ticketsPaper tickets with QR code,
eTickets with QR code,
Maha Card,
Daily Pass 
Nagpur Metro Customer Care Number 1800 2700 557
Nagpur Metro Customer Care Email
Twitter Account
Instagram Account

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Metro Routes in Nagpur

Currently, there are two operational metro routes in Nagpur:

  1. Automotive Square to Khapri (Orange Line)
  2. Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar (Aqua Line)

Together, they cover a total distance of about 38 km through 36 operational stations. Check out the overview of the metro routes in Nagpur: 

LineRouteStations (total)Stations (Operational)Total DistanceDate of Inauguration
Orange LineAutomotive Square to Khapri1817 19.6 km8 March 2019
Aqua Line Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar202018.5 km28 January 2020

Nagpur Metro Route 1 – Orange Line (Automotive Square to Khapri)

The Orange Line of Nagpur Metro connects Automotive Square in the north with Khapri in the south. This line, also called the North-South Corridor, covers a total distance of about 19.6 km. 

The total number of stations on the Orange Line is 18. Of these, 17 stations, except Indora Square or Indora Chowk, are in service. 

Automotive Square and Khapri are the terminal stations on the Orange Line. You can change from the Orange Line to the Aqua Line at Sitaburdi Metro Station. 

This metro route in Nagpur connects several key localities in and around the city, including Kasturchand Park, Chhatrapati Square, Jai Prakash Nagar, Rahate Colony, and more. 

The Airport Metro Station on the Orange Line gives connectivity to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, also known as Nagpur International Airport. 

Check out the details of the Orange Line metro route in Nagpur:

LineRouteRoute DescriptionTotal Number of StationsTotal Distance
Orange Line (North-South Corridor)Automotive Square to Khapri Automotive Square
Nari Road
Indora Square (Not operational)
Kadbi Square
GaddiGodam Square
Kasturchand Park
Zero Mile
Sitabuldi (Interchange)
Congress Nagar 
Rahate Colony
Ajni Square
Chhatrapati Square
Jaiprakash Nagar
Ujjwal Nagar
Airport South
New Airport
18 (All stations except Indora Square are open to the public.)19.6 km

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Orange Line Extensions 

Two extensions have been proposed on the Orange Line – from MIHAN (the depot after Khapri) to MIDC ESR and from Automotive Square to Kanhan River. 

These extensions are part of Phase 2 of the Nagpur Metro Rail Project. Together, they cover a distance of about 31.5 km. 

The state government of Maharashtra has approved these extensions. The project is now awaiting approval from the central government. According to reports, these routes are expected to become operational by 2026.

Check out the route, proposed stations, length, and status of Orange Line extensions:

Sl. No.Extension LengthStationsProposed stations (Tentative List)Status

MIHAN to MIDC ESR extension 18.5 km10Eco Park
Metro City 
Meghdoot CIDCO
Butibori Police Station
MHADA Colony
Awaiting approval
from the central government. 
2. Automotive Square to Kanhan River extension 13 km12Pili Nadi 
Khasara Fata
All India Radio
Khairi Fata
Lok Vihar
Lekha Nagar
Kamptee Police Station
Kamptee Municipal Council
Dragon Palace
Golf Club
Kanhan River
Awaiting approval
from the central government. 

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Nagpur Metro Route 2 – Aqua Line (Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar)

The Aqua Line metro route in Nagpur runs from Prajapati Nagar in the eastern side of the city to Lokmanya Nagar in the west. Also known as the East-West Corridor, it covers a total distance of 18.5 km.

This Nagpur Metro route has a total of 20 operational stations. Prajapati Nagar and Lokmanya Nagar are the terminal stations, while Sitabuldi Metro Station serves as the interchange station. 

The Aqua Line connects Agrasen Square, Ambedkar Square, Telephone Exchange, Dharampeth College, and many other prominent localities and landmarks in the city. It also gives you direct access to the Nagpur Junction Railway Station. 

Check out the details of the Aqua Line metro route in Nagpur:

NameRouteRoute DescriptionTotal StationsTotal Distance
Aqua Line (East-West Corridor)Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya NagarPrajapati Nagar 
Vaishno Devi Chowk
Ambedkar Chowk
Telephone Exchange
Chitar Oli Chowk
Agrasen Chowk
Dosar Vaisya Chowk
Nagpur Railway Station
Cotton Market
Sitabuldi (Interchange)
Jhansi Rani Square
Institution of Engineers
Shankar Nagar Square
LAD Chowk
Dharampeth College
Subhash Nagar
Rachana Ring Road
Vasudev Nagar
Bansi Nagar
Lokmanya Nagar
20 18.5 km

Aqua Line Extensions 

Maha Metro has proposed 2 extensions on the Aqua Line. The first extension is from Prajapati Nagar to Transport Nagar in Kapsi. The second extension runs from Lokmanya Nagar to Hingna. 

Both these extensions got approval from the government of Maharashtra. The work will start once they get the nod from the central government. The expected timeline of completion for these routes is 2026. 

Together, Aqua Line extensions cover a total length of approximately 12 km. The completion date for these extensions is 2026, subject to timely approvals. 

Check out the routes and stations on Nagpur Metro Aqua Line extensions:

Sl. No. Extension LengthNumber of StationsProposed stations (Tentative List)Status
Prajapati Nagar to Transport Nagar (Kapsi)5.5 km3Pardi
Kapsi Jhurd
Transport Nagar
Awaiting approval
from the central government. 
2. Lokmanya Nagar to Hingna6.7 km7Mount View
Rajiv Nagar
Hingna Bus Station
Awaiting approval
from the central government. 

Nagpur Metro Map 

Given below is the latest Nagpur Metro rail map. It shows the currently operational routes on the Orange and Aqua Lines. 

Nagpur Metro

Nagpur Metro Station List 

The metro network in Nagpur has 37 stations spread across its two operational lines, namely the Orange and Aqua lines. 

Of these 37 stations, Indora Chowk on the Orange Line is under construction. So, currently, the total number of operational metro stations in Nagpur is 36. 

The Orange Line has 18 stations, while the Aqua Line comprises 20 stations. Sitabuldi Metro Station is the interchange station between the two lines.

Check out the Nagpur Metro station overview:

Line/RouteTotal OperationalUnder ConstructionElevatedAt grade 
Orange Line
(Automotive Square to Khapri)
18171153 (Airport South, New Airport, and Khapri)
Aqua Line
(Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar)

Nagpur Metro Stations on the Orange Line (Automotive Square to Khapri)

Check out the names, locations, and contact details of metro stations on the Orange Line of Nagpur Metro Rail. 

Sl. No. Station Name StatusGoogle Map LocationContact Number Additional info 
1Automotive Square Open Directions0712-2812228Terminal station 
2Nari Road Open Directions0712-2812227
3Indora SquareUnder ConstructionNANANA
4Kadbi SquareOpen Directions0712-2812225
5Gaddigodam SquareOpen Directions0712-2812224
6Kasturchand ParkOpen Directions0712-2812223
7Zero Mile Freedom ParkOpen Directions0712-2812222Gives access to the Zero Mile Stone.
It also features a 60,000 sq. ft park.
8SitabuldiOpen Directions0712-2812221Interchange station
9Congress Nagar Open Directions0712-2812220
10Rahate ColonyOpen Directions0712-2812219
11Ajni SquareOpen Directions0712-2812218Connects to Ajni Railway Station
12Chhatrapati SquareOpen Directions0712-2812217
13Jaiprakash Nagar (JP Nagar)Open Directions0712-2812216
14Ujjwal NagarOpen Directions0712-2812215
15AirportOpen Directions0712-2812214Connects to Nagpur International Airport 
16Airport SouthOpen Directions0712-2812213
17New AirportOpen Directions0712-2812212
18KhapriOpen Directions0712-2812211Terminal station. Connects to Khapri Railway Station. 

Nagpur Metro Stations on the Aqua Line (Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar)

Check out the names, locations, and contact details of metro stations on the Aqua Line of Nagpur Metro Rail. 

Sl. No. Station Name StatusGoogle Map LocationContact NumberAdditional info 
1Prajapati Nagar Open Directions0712-2812268Terminal station
2Vaishno Devi ChowkOpen Directions0712-2812267
3Ambedkar ChowkOpen Directions0712-2812260
4Telephone ExchangeOpen Directions0712-2812265
5Chitaroli ChowkOpen Directions0712-2812264
6Agrasen ChowkOpen Directions0712-2812263
7Dosar Vaisya ChowkOpen Directions0712-2812262
8Nagpur Railway StationOpen Directions0712-2812261Connects to Nagpur Junction Railway Station. 
9Cotton MarketOpen DirectionsNA 
10Sitabuldi Open Directions0712-2812221Interchange station
11Jhansi Rani SquareOpen Directions0712-2812260
12Institution of EngineersOpen Directions0712-2812259
13Shankar Nagar SquareOpen Directions0712-2812258
14LAD ChowkOpen Directions0712-2812257
15Dharampeth CollegeOpen Directions0712-2812256
16Subhash NagarOpen Directions0712-2812255
17Rachana Ring RoadOpen Directions0712-2812254
18Vasudev NagarOpen Directions0712-2812253
19Bansi NagarOpen Directions0712-2812252
20Lokmanya NagarOpen Directions0712-2812251Terminal station 

Nagpur Metro Timings and Frequency

  • Timings – 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, all days of the week 
  • Frequency during peak hours** – every 10 minutes 
  • Frequency during non-peak hours – 15 minutes

** Peak hours – 8:00 am to 11:00 am and 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Nagpur Metro Route and Timetable 

The first train starts from all four terminal stations (Automotive Square, Khapri, Prajapati Nagar, and Lokmanya Nagar) at 6:00 a.m. The last train from the terminal stations starts at 11:00 pm in the might. 

Check out the below tables for the first and last train timings on all operational metro routes in Nagpur.

From Automotive Square to Khapri 

Station Name First Train Last Train
Automotive Square 6:00:00 am10:00:00 pm 
Nari Road 6:03:42 am 10:02:28 pm 
Indora SquareNot Operational Not Operational
Kadbi Square6:10:15 am 10:06:34 pm 
Gaddigodam Square6:13:53 am 10:08:50 pm 
Kasturchand Park6:16:23 am 10:10:24 pm 
Zero Mile Freedom Park6:18:57 am10:12:21 pm 
Sitabuldi6:20:50 am10:14:07 pm 
Congress Nagar 6:25:58 am10:17:38 pm 
Rahate Colony6:29:11 am10:20:25 pm 
Ajni Square6:31:13 am 10:22:41 pm 
Chhatrapati Square6:34:20 am 10:24:53 pm 
Jaiprakash Nagar (JP Nagar)6:36:14 am 10:26:33 pm 
Ujjwal Nagar6:38:40 am 10:28:28 pm 
Airport6:42:10 am 10:30:39 pm 
Airport South6:44:48 am 10:32:53 pm 
New Airport6:49:23 am 10:35:36 pm 
Khapri6:55:30 am10:38:51 pm 

From Kapri to Automotive Square

Station Name First Train Last Train
Khapri6:00:00 am 10:00:00
New Airport6:06:07 am 10:03:14
Airport South6:10:42 am10:05:57
Airport6:13:20 am10:08:12
Ujjwal Nagar6:16:50 am10:10:22
Jaiprakash Nagar (JP Nagar)6:19:16 am10:12:18
Chhatrapati Square6:21:10 am10:13:58
Ajni Square6:24:17 am10:16:09
Rahate Colony6:26:19 am10:18:25
Congress Nagar6:29:32 am10:21:11
Sitabuldi6:34:40 am 10:24:52
Zero Mile Freedom Park6:36:33 am 10:26:28
Kasturchand Park6:39:07 am 10:28:26
Gaddigodam Square6:41:37 am10:30:00
Kadbi Square6:45:15 am 10:32:16
Indora SquareNot Operational Not Operational
Nari Road6:51:48 am 10:36:22
Automotive Square6:55:30 am 10:38:50

From Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar

Station Name First Train Last Train
Prajapati Nagar6:00:00 am 10:00:00 pm
Vaishnao Devi Chowk6:03:43 am10:02:54 pm
Ambedkar Chowk6:05:52 am10:04:42 pm
Telephone Exchange6:09:23 am10:06:52 pm
Chitaroli Chowk6:11:51 am10:08:45 pm
Agrasen Chowk6:14:14 am10:10:41 pm
Dosar Vaisya Chowk6:16:49 am10:12:38 pm
Nagpur Railway Station6:18:43 am10:14:33 pm
Cotton MarketTo be available soon To be available soon
Sitabuldi 6:23:13 am10:17:10 pm
Jhansi Rani Square6:24:53 am10:18:42 pm
Institution of Engineers6:27:26 am10:20:37 pm
Shankar Nagar Square6:30:09 am10:22:43 pm
LAD Chowk6:32:32 am10:24:28 pm
Dharampeth College6:36:03 am10:27:00 pm
Subhash Nagar6:38:29 am10:28:35 pm
Rachana Ring Road6:42:27 am10:31:25 pm
Vasudev Nagar6:45:41 am10:33:26 pm
Bansi Nagar6:48:07 am10:35:14 pm
Lokmanya Nagar6:51:57 am10:37:55 pm

From Lokmanya Nagar to Prajapati Nagar

Station Name First Train Last Train
Lokmanya Nagar6:00:00 am10:00:00 pm 
Bansi Nagar6:03:50 am10:02:41 pm
Vasudev Nagar6:06:16 am10:04:29 pm
Rachana Ring Road6:09:30 am10:06:30 pm
Subhash Nagar6:13:28 am10:09:20 pm
Dharampeth College6:15:54 am10:10:55 pm
LAD Chowk6:19:25 am10:13:27 pm
Shankar Nagar Square6:21:48 am10:15:12 pm
Institution of Engineers6:24:31 am10:17:18 pm
Jhansi Rani Square6:27:04 am10:19:13 pm
Sitabuldi6:28:44 am10:20:45 pm
Cotton MarketTo be available soonTo be available soon
Nagpur Railway Station6:33:14 am10:23:22 pm
Dosar Vaisya Chowk6:35:08 am10:25:17 pm
Agrasen Chowk6:37:43 am 10:27:14 pm
Chitaroli Chowk6:40:06 am10:29:10 pm
Telephone Exchange6:42:34 am10:31:03 pm
Ambedkar Chowk6:46:05 am10:33:13 pm
Vaishnao Devi Chowk6:48:14 am10:35:01 pm
Prajapati Nagar6:51:57 am10:37:55 pm

MAHA METRO has published detailed timetables for both Orange and Aqua lines. You can also check and download the PDF versions of these timetables. 

Nagpur Metro Ticket Price 

Nagpur Metro ticket prices range between INR 10 and INR 41 based on the distance. Discounts are also available for weekend travelers, students, and metro travel card holders. 

  • Minimum ticket price – INR 10 
  • Maximum ticket price – INR 41 
  • Discount on weekends (applicable to all passengers) – 30% off on the ticket price 
  • Discount for students – 30% off on the ticket price
  • Nagpur Metro daily pass – INR 100 
  • Nagpur Metro Maha Card – 10% off on all rides 

For instance, the ticket price from Automotive Square to Sitabuldi on weekdays is INR 25. On weekends, the price will be INR 18. 

Check out the detailed Nagpur Metro ticket price chart below:

Nagpur Mero

Nagpur Metro Student Discounts

Nagpur Metro offers a 30% discount on tickets for students of all categories till graduation level. It applies to:

  • School students 
  • Undergraduate students 
  • ITI and diploma students

Students can avail of discounts by showing the photo ID card issued by their educational institution and registering their name at ticket counters. 

The discount applies to tickets purchased using cash/ digital payment methods and Nagpur Metro Card (Maha Card) transactions. 

Nagpur Metro Daily Pass 

MAHA METRO offers daily unlimited daily passes to commuters. The price of the Nagpur Metro daily pass is INR 100. It is valid for one day. 

The pass allows you to take unlimited trips between any station and on any lines on any given day. You can buy it from the ticket counters of any metro station and travel in metro trains by scanning the pass at the entry and exit gates. 

Nagpur Metro App 

Nagpur Metro has an official mobile app you can download and use to book tickets, check fare and route details, get station information, etc.

How to book Nagpur metro tickets online? 

You can book Nagpur Metro tickets online using the app in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Download the Nagpur Metro app. Register on the app by providing your name, phone number, email address, DOB, etc.

Nagpur Metro

Step 2: Enter the OTP you receive on your phone number and verify > Set an MPIN.

Nagpur Metro

Step 3: Once you successfully registered on the app, log in to the app > Choose Book Tickets. 

Nagpur Metro

Step 4: Choose your source station and destination station > Select the type of journey (single, return, or group) > Choose the number of tickets > Click on Proceed to Pay.

Nagpur Metro

Step 5: You will receive an eTicket with a QR code. It will also be saved under My Account > My Booked Tickets. Scan the ticket at the entry and exit gates. 

Nagpur Metro Maha Card 

Nagpur Metro Maha Card is a contactless chip-based prepaid travel card introduced by the Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) in partnership with the State Bank of India (SBI).

It is a National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) that allows cashless travel between any metro station in Nagpur. Further, you can avail a 10% discount on every metro ride using the card. 

The process is simple – recharge the card and tap it at the entry and exit gates. The fare gets deducted from your card balance at the exit gate. 

What is the cost of Nagpur Metro Maha Card?

The cost of the card is INR 150 – it is a one-time issuance fee you have to pay at the time of purchasing the card. 

Here is an overview of all charges associated with the card:

Type Cost (In INR)
Issuance fee (one-time)150
Maintenance fee (annual)75
Top-up fee (per top-up)INR 12 or
1.8% of the top-up value (whichever is less)
Card Replacement Charges150
Minimum top-up amount 100

How to get a Nagpur Metro Maha Card? 

You can get Maha Card in Nagpur in a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the nearest metro station in Nagpur > Go to the counter.
  • Step 2: Get the Maha Card application form from the counter > Fill in and submit it. 
  • Step 3: Submit one of the ID documents – Voters ID, Aadhaar, Driving License, NREGA Job-card Number, etc. 
  • Step 4: Pay the issuance fee of INR 150 at the counter and collect the card. 

Alternatively, you can apply for a Maha Card online and collect it from a metro station. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Step 1: Fill in the Maha Card online application form with all required details.
  • Step 2: You will receive a reference number when you submit the form online.
  • Step 3: Visit the nearest metro station counter > Quote this reference number. 
  • Step 4: Pay the Maha Card issuance fee of INR 150. 
  • Step 5: Collect the card > Recharge it > Start using it.

How to recharge your Nagpur Metro Maha Card? 

You can recharge your Maha Card either by visiting the metro stations or through the online portal. 

  • At the metro station: Visit the nearest metro station and recharge your Maha Card at the counter. You can pay using cash or digital payment methods.
  • Through the online portal: You can register on the Maha Card customer portal, log in, and recharge the card using your preferred payment method. After that, you must tap the card at the Ticket Reader installed in metro stations to update the balance.

How to use Maha Card in Nagpur Metro trains?

Nagpur Metro Card or Maha Card allows you to travel using the tap-and-go method. Here’s how to use Maha Card in the metro stations in Nagpur:

  • Step 1: Recharge your card. The minimum recharge amount is INR 100. 
  • Step 2: Tap the card at the entry gate of your source metro station. It allows you to enter the platform and board the train. 
  • Step 3: After you have reached your destination station, tap your Maha Card at the exit gate. 
  • Step 4: The fare of the journey will be deducted automatically from your card balance. 

Nagpur Metro Phases and Status 

The Nagpur Metro Rail Project involves two phases. While the first phase is now complete and operational, the second phase is awaiting approval from the government. 

Nagpur Metro Phase 1

Nagpur Metro Phase 1 comprises the two currently operational lines:

  • Orange Line – Automotive Square to Khapri
  • Aqua Line – Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar

The work of Phase 1 started in 2015. The first section of Phase 1 (between Sitabuldi and Khapri on the Orange Line) became operational on 8th March 2019. The entire Phase 1 became operational on 11th December 2022. 

Nagpur Metro Phase 2

The second phase of Nagpur Metro Rail Project comprises 4 extensions on the existing lines – 2 extensions each on the Orange and Aqua lines.

  2. Automotive Square to Kanhan River 
  3. Prajapati Nagar to Transport Nagar in Kapsi
  4. Prajapati Nagar to Transport Nagar in Kapsi

Nagpur Metro Phase 2 will cover a total distance of 43.8 km. The total number of stations planned in this phase is 32. Sitabuldi will serve as the interchange station between all these lines and extensions. 

The project is awaiting approval from the central government. According to the current reports, Phase 2 will become operational in 2026. 

Check out the details of Nagpur Metro Phase 2:

Line/ NameProposed Route Length (Approx)Number of stationsStationsStatus
Orange Line Extension 1 (Mihan -Butibori Corridor)MIHAN to MIDC ESR 18.5 km10 Eco Park
Metro City 
Meghdoot CIDCO
Butibori Police Station
MHADA Colony
Awaiting approval from the central government. 
Orange Line Extension 2 (Kamptee Corridor) Automotive Square to Kanhan River 13 km12Pili Nadi 
Khasara Fata
All India Radio
Khairi Fata
Lok Vihar
Lekha Nagar
Kamptee Police Station
Kamptee Municipal Council
Dragon Palace
Golf Club
Kanhan River
Awaiting approval from the central government.
Aqua Line Extension 1 (Kapsi Corridor)Prajapati Nagar to Transport Nagar in Kapsi 5.6 km3Pardi
Kapsi Jhurd
Transport Nagar
Awaiting approval from the central government
Aqua Line Extension 2(Hingna Corridor)Lokmanya Nagar to Hingna 6.7 km7Mount View
Rajiv Nagar
Hingna Bus Station
Awaiting approval from the central government

Nagpur Metro Phase 2 Route Map 

Check out the route map of Nagpur Metro Phase 2 below:

Nagpur Metro


Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro

Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro is a proposed Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) to connect Nagpur and its neighboring areas, including Wardha, Narkhed, Ramtek, and Bhandara Road. 

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited () will be executing the project. The network will make use of the existing tracks of the Central Railways. 

According to the latest reports, the network will consist of 7 routes/ corridors, covering a distance of more than 1026 km through 130 plus stations. The project is still in the planning stage.

The proposed Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro routes are:

Sl. NoRoute (Tentative)Length (Tentative)Number of Stations (Tentative)
1. Nagpur to Bhandara Road to Gondia86 km21
2. Nagpur to Ramtek 42 km
3. Nagpur to Narkhed to Amravati135 km 25
4. Nagpur to Narkhed to Betul101 km 19
5. Nagpur to Wardha to Chandrapur136 km 28
6. Nagpur to Saoner to Chhindwara99 km 21
7. Nagpur to Nagbhid to Wadsa131 km 18

FAQs on Nagpur Metro Routes and Lines

Want to know more about the MAHA METRO? Have you got more questions on the Nagpur Metro route and timetable? Check out these frequently asked questions below: 

Is Nagpur Metro completed?

The first phase of Nagpur Metro is complete. It comprises the Orange Line (Automotive Square to Khapri) and the Aqua Line (Prajapati Nagar and Lokmanya Nagar). The work of Phase 2 is yet to begin. 

What is the last time of metro trains in Nagpur?

The last Nagpur Metro trains start at 10:00 a.m. from the four terminal stations – Automotive Square, Khapri, Prajapati Nagar, and Lokmanya Nagar. 

Who is the owner of Nagpur Metro?

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited, also called MMRCL or Maha Metro, owns the metro rail network in Nagpur.

What is the Nagpur Metro ridership? 

According to various reports, the metro in Nagpur has a daily ridership between 1.4 to 2 lakhs.

Does Nagpur Metro have a monthly pass?

Currently, the metro in Nagpur does not have monthly passes. They offer unlimited daily passes at INR 100. Regular commuters can purchase the Nagpur Metro travel card (Maha Card). 

Can I carry my bicycle on Nagpur metro trains?

Yes. Cyclists can carry their bicycles inside metro trains in Nagpur. 

What is the world record of Nagpur Metro?

The metro in Nagpur holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest double-decker viaduct. The length of the viaduct is 3.14 km. 

The Nagpur Metro double-decker bridge is on Wardha Road, and it has three stations – Ujjwal Nagar, Jai Prakash Nagar (JP Nagar), and Chhatrapati Nagar. 

It features a three-tier structure with the existing road at the ground level, the highway at the middle, and the metro rail track at the top level.

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