Smart Cities in Gujarat – A Complete List

Want to know more about smart cities in Gujarat? Here is a comprehensive list of all the smart cities of Gujarat and more.

As part of the Smart Cities Mission in India, 100 cities were selected to be smart cities based on a competition-based method. Between January 2016 and June 2017 the state of Gujarat was successful in having 6 cities selected to the list of smart cities in India.

Surat and Ahmedabad were the first to be selected as smart cities in Gujarat. The list of smart city in Gujarat subsequently expanded to include the city of Vadodara. This was followed by the addition of the cities of Rajkot, Gandhinagar and Dahod bringing the total number to smart cities in Gujarat to six.

List of smart cities in Gujarat

Name of the Smart CityDate of Selection
SuratJanuary, 2016
AhmedabadJanuary, 2016
VadodaraSeptember, 2016
RajkotJune, 2017
Gandhi NagarJune, 2017
DahodJune, 2017

Smart City in Gujarat – Top FAQs

How many smart city in Gujarat?

Gujarat has a total of 6 smart cities.

Which is the first smart city in Gujarat?

Surat and Ahmedabad, selected in January, 2016 were the first smart cities in Gujarat.

Which are the smart cities of Gujarat?

The smart cities of Gujarat are Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Gandhinagar and Dahod.

Which is the new smart city near Ahmedabad?

The Dholera Special Investment Region (Dholera SIR) is the project for a new smart city near Ahmedabad.

Where can we find more about Dholera smart city Gujarat current status?

Details of Dholera smarty city current status can be be found in the official website of the Dholera SIR, and specifically at

Other Smart Cities In India

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