eStamp Jharkhand – How To Get E Stamp Paper Online

Can you get eStamp Jharkhand online?  What are the charges for e stamp registration for property? How to register and login to get an e stamp? Read on to know answers to all your questions.

One of the steps involved in the creation of legal documents such as the sale or transfer deed for property, rental agreements, will registration, etc. is the payment of stamp duty.

Rather than wait in lines for hours, the government has now introduced eStamping. This form of electronic stamping is convenient, available 24×7 and quick.

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E Stamp Paper Jharkhand Application Fee

An e stamp paper for Jharkhand may be required for the sale/purchase of property, or mortgage. Partition of property, creation of a partnership deed, declaring the power of attorney or trust, registration of a will, adoption of an individual or any type of bond/ legal agreement.

The estamp Jharkhand application fee:

eStamp Jharkhand TypeStamp DutyRegistration Fee
Adoption  Rs 42Rs 1000
AgreementRs 3.50Rs 1000
BondsRs 25 for bond value >Rs 1000 but <Rs 5000   5.25% of bond value for bonds >Rs 5000 but < Rs 50,000   6.3% of bond value for bonds> Rs 50,0003% of bond value
Sale Deed (Conveyance)4% of document value3% of transaction value
Mortgage4.2% of document value2% of the deed value
PartitionRs 25 for bond value >Rs 1000 but <Rs 5000   5.25% of bond value for bonds >Rs 5000 but < Rs 50,000   6.3% of bond value for bonds> Rs 50,0003% of the deed value
Partnership DeedRs 42Rs 1000
Declaration of TrustRs 47.25Rs 1000
Power of AttorneyRs 31.5Rs 1000
WillNARs 1000

eStamp Jharkhand –All Your Questions Answered

e stamping Jharkhand has replaced the traditional paper and franklin stamping method. As with the conversion of any service from offline to online, there are a number of doubts and queries that may arise:

What is the Jharkhand eStamp?

How to get eStamp Jharkhand online?

What are the steps for eStamp login Jharkhand?

And so on. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about eStamp Jharkhand.

What is e stamping in Jharkhand?

eStamping in Jharkhand refers to Electronic Stamping. This is a convenient way to pay non-judicial stamp duty to the state government. This service was launched in 2013 and is currently offered in 22 states including Jharkhand.

What is an e stamp Jharkhand?

An e stamp Jharkhand is a document through which stamp duty is paid to the state government. This is payable when executing a transfer of property ownership, transfer of other assets and other such transactions. This may be a fixed amount based on the nature of the transaction or a percentage of the agreement value as mentioned in the document.

Where to get e stamp paper Jharkhand?

There is no need to worry about getting an e stamp paper in Jharkhand. Once the stamp duty is paid online an estamp will be available for download from the NGDRS website. This can be printed at home on a regular, A4 sized sheet of paper. Check the below FAQs to know more.

What are stamp duty and registration charges in Jharkhand on property?

The stamp duty and registration charges in Jharkhand 2020 are calculated at 7% of the transaction value of the property. Of this, Stamp duty is 4% and registration charges are 3%. It is the same for men and women.

What is the role of an estamp Jharkhand for property ownership transfers?

In the case of a transfer of ownership of property, an estamp Jharkhand is required to:
·   Validate property ownership
·   Conserve evidence and help prevent fraud
·   Maintain public records for property registration
·   Act a proof of ownership in case the original documents are lost/ damaged

Where to buy eStamp paper Jharkhand?

To minimize confusion on where to buy e stamp paper, Jharkhand has completely digitized the process. eStamp paper Jharkhand is available at

How can you register for a Jharkhand e stamp?

Here are the steps to registering for a Jharkhand e stamp:
Step 1: Visit the official website
Step 2: Click on the Register button on the left menu for citizens
Step 3: Choose between status as Indian and NRI and enter your details accordingly. Select a username and password.
estamp Jharkhand
Step 4: Click on the submit button when all the information has been entered.

What are the steps for estamp login Jharkhand?

Jharkhand estamp
The estamp login Jharkhand process is a 2-step login. Here’s what you need to do:
Step 1: Enter your username and password
Step 2: Enter the captcha code as displayed and click on the Get OTP button
Step 3: Enter the OTP as received via SMS on your registered phone number
Step 4: Click on the login button

Where to get e stamp Jharkhand online or e stamp Jharkhand online kaise nikale?

If you need to know e stamp Jharkhand online kaise nikale or where to get e stamp Jharkhand online, here’s what you must do:
Step 1: Log in to the jharnibandhan website
Step 2: Click on Payment Services and select Purchase eStamp paper
estamp Jharkhand
Step 3: Select the Purpose of Payment, District and Article type from the drop-down menus. Enter all other details as listed on the form. The first party refers to the eStamp paper purchaser while the second party refers to the transferee, done, vendee, tenant, etc. If there is no second party, you can write NIL on the form. Click on the Proceed to Pay button.
Jharkhand estamp
Step 4: View the summary confirmation and click on Pay Now if all the details are okay.
estamp Jharkhand
Step 5: A new page will open with payment details. Select Online Payment from the channel of payment drop-down menu. Click on the Submit button.
harkhand estamp
Step 6: Check the payment details and agree to the terms and conditions. Click on Proceed to Payment button.
Jharkhand estamp
Step 7: Enter your debit/credit card details and proceed with online payment.
Jharkhand estamp

Step 8: The payment response page will open. Click on eStamp to download a copy of the estamp Jharkhand.
Jharkhand estamp

How to calculate stamp duty for e stamp paper Jharkhand?

Stamp duty for e stamp paper Jharkhand for property transfer can be calculated online on the NGDRS : National Generic Document Registration System website by following the below steps.
Step 1: Select Fee Rule from the drop-down menu
Step 2: Select the property to be transferred
Step 3: The property valuation will be done by the system and the market value will be displayed on the screen.
Step 4: Enter the consideration amount. The stamp duty will be calculated on the market value or the consideration amount depending on which is higher.
Step 5: Check the calculations as shown in the table. This includes Stamp duty, processing fee, registration fee and lease agreement period.
The amount can be paid online or in cash over the counter.

What form is Jharkhand e stamp paper available?

Jharkhand e stamp paper can be downloaded in pdf format.

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