List Of BBMP Wards 2022 – Revenue Zones And Sub Divisions In Bangalore

Looking for the updated List of BBMP wards 2022? At present there are 198 wards in Bangalore and once the delimitation is completed there will be 243 BBMP wards in Bangalore.

To ensure smooth administration of the city, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike  or BBMP has divided Bangalore into 8 zones and 198 wards.

BBMP is administrative body of Bangalore. Here is the complete list of 198 BBMP ward list 2022 and their respective Lok Sabha and Assembly constituencies.

243 BBMP Wards In Bangalore

Based on the 2011 census, BBMP has reorganized some wards in June 2020 . The number of wards is 198 until now.

A committee of Karnataka legislators, who were in charge of restructuring BBMP added 45 more wards to the 198 and now the total number of wards will be 243.

However, BBMP hasn’t published the names of the new wards. We will update the names, new ward number and their respective Assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies once BBMP publish the list.

List Of BBMP WardsBangalore Zones

There are 8 BBMP zones in Bangalore:

  1. Bangalore West
  2. Bangalore South
  3. Rajarajeshwari Nagar
  4. Mahadevapura
  5. East
  6. Dasarahalli
  7. Yelahanka
  8. Bommanahalli

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The Complete List Of BBMP Wards 2022

Here is the complete list of wards in Bangalore. After the delimitation process, we will publish the list of 243 wards.

Ward NumberWard NameBBMP ZoneAssembly ConstituencyLok Sabha Constituency
3Attur LayoutYelahankaYelahankaChikballapur
4Yelahanka Satellite TownYelahankaYelahankaChikballapur
5KogiluYelahankaByatarayanapuraBangalore North
6ThanisandraYelahankaByatarayanapuraBangalore North
7JakkuruYelahankaByatarayanapuraBangalore North
8Gundanjaneya Temple WardYelahankaByatarayanapuraBangalore North
9AmrutahalliYelahankaByatarayanapuraBangalore North
10KodigehalliYelahankaByatarayanapuraBangalore North
11 VidyaranyapuraYelahankaByatarayanapuraBangalore North
12Dodda BommasandraYelahankaDasarahalliBangalore North
13RamachandrapuraDasarahalliDasarahalliBangalore North
14ShettihalliDasarahalliDasarahalliBangalore North
15ChikkasandraDasarahalliDasarahalliBangalore North
16BagalakunteDasarahalliRajarajeshwarinagarBangalore Rural
17MallasandraRajarajeshwari NagarRajarajeshwarinagarBangalore Rural
18T DasarahalliRajarajeshwari NagarHebbalBangalore North
19JalahalliEastHebbalBangalore North
20 Brundavana NagarEastHebbalBangalore North
21 J P ParkEastHebbalBangalore North
22YeshwanthpuraEastHebbalBangalore North
23MattikereEastSarvagnanagarBangalore Central
24Radhakrishna Temple WardEastSarvagnanagarBangalore Central
25Sanjaya NagarEastKrishnarajapuramBangalore North
26HebbalaMahadevapuraKrishnarajapuramBangalore North
27Vishwanath NagenahalliMahadevapuraSarvagnanagarBangalore Central
28GovindapuraMahadevapuraSarvagnanagarBangalore Central
29HennurMahadevapuraSarvagnanagarBangalore Central
30ChellakereEastSarvagnanagarBangalore Central
31HoramavuEastPulakeshinagarBangalore North
32KalkereEastPulakeshinagarBangalore North
33BanasavadiEastHebbalBangalore North
34KammanahalliEastHebbalBangalore North
35KacharkanahalliEastMalleshwaramBangalore North
36HBR LayoutEastMalleshwaramBangalore North
37KadugondanahalliEastRajarajeshwarinagarBangalore Rural
38Kushal NagarWestRajarajeshwarinagarBangalore Rural
39Kaval BairasandraWestDasarahalliBangalore North
40 Chamundi NagarRajarajeshwari NagarYeshwanthpurBangalore North
41GanganagarRajarajeshwari NagarDasarahalliBangalore North
42Aramane NagaraDasarahalliRajarajeshwarinagarBangalore Rural
43ChokkasandraRajarajeshwari NagarMahalakshmi LayoutBangalore North
44Dodda BidarakalluDasarahalliMahalakshmi LayoutBangalore North
45 Peenya Industrial AreaRajarajeshwari NagarMalleshwaramBangalore North
46Lakshmi Devi NagarWestHebbalBangalore North
47Nandini LayoutWestPulakeshinagarBangalore North
48Marappana PalyaWestPulakeshinagarBangalore North
49MalleswaramEastSarvagnanagarBangalore Central
50 Jayachamarajendra NagarEastCV Raman NagarBangalore Central
51Devara JeevanahalliEastKrishnarajapuramBangalore North
52 Muneshwara Nagar
EastKrishnarajapuramBangalore North
53LingarajapuraEastKrishnarajapuramBangalore North
54BenniganahalliMahadevapuraMahadevapuraBangalore Central
55VijnanapuraKrishnarajapuramBangalore North
56Ramamurthy NagarMahadevapuraKrishnarajapuramBangalore North
57 K R PuramMahadevapuraCV Raman NagarBangalore Central
58BasavanapuraMahadevapuraCV Raman NagarBangalore Central
59DevasandraMahadevapuraSarvagnanagarBangalore Central
60A NarayanapuraPulakeshinagarBangalore North
61C V Raman NagarMahadevapuraPulakeshinagarBangalore North
62Sarvagna NagarShivajinagarBangalore Central
63Maruthi Seva NagarEastShivajinagarBangalore Central
64SagayapuramEastMalleshwaramBangalore North
65PulikeshinagarEastMalleshwaramBangalore North
66Ramaswamy PalyaEastMalleshwaramBangalore North
67Rajamahal GuttahalliEastMahalakshmi LayoutBangalore North
68Subramanya NagarEastMahalakshmi LayoutBangalore North
69NagapuraEastRajarajeshwarinagarBangalore Rural
70Maruthi NagarWestDasarahalliBangalore North
71LaggereWestDasarahalliBangalore North
72Rajagopal NagarWestYeshwanthpurBangalore North
73HegganahalliWestRajarajeshwarinagarBangalore Rural
74SunkadakatteWestMahalakshmi LayoutBangalore North
75Gollarapalya HosahalliRajarajeshwari NagarMahalakshmi LayoutBangalore North
76HerohalliDasarahalliMalleshwaramBangalore North
77Sir M. VishweshwaraiahDasarahalliGandhinagarBangalore Central
78 KottegepalyaRajarajeshwari NagarPulakeshinagarBangalore North
79Shakthi Ganapathi NagarLaggereCV Raman NagarBangalore Central
80Shankar MattWestCV Raman NagarBangalore Central
81Manjunath NagaWestKrishnarajapuramBangalore North
82 SriramamandirWestMahadevapuraBangalore Central
83Dayananda NagarWestMahadevapuraBangalore Central
84Gayithri NagarEastMahadevapuraBangalore Central
85Dattatreya TempleEastMahadevapuraBangalore Central
86SeshadripuramEastMahadevapuraBangalore Central
87Vasanth NagarMahadevapuraKrishnarajapuramBangalore North
88Bharathi NagarMahadevapuraCV Raman NagarBangalore Central
89HalsoorMahadevapuraShanthinagarBangalore Central
90Hoysala NagarMahadevapuraShivajinagarBangalore Central
91New TippasandaraMahadevapuraShivajinagarBangalore Central
92Vijnana NagarMahadevapuraShivajinagarBangalore Central
93 Garudachar PlayaMahadevapuraShivajinagarBangalore Central
94HudiEastGandhinagarBangalore Central
95KadugodiEastGandhinagarBangalore Central
96HagadurEastGandhinagarBangalore Central
97WhitefieldEastRajajinagarBangalore Central
98DoddanekkundiEastRajajinagarBangalore Central
99HAL AirportEastRajajinagarBangalore Central
100Konena AgaraharaWestRajajinagarBangalore Central
101Jeevan Bheema NagarWestRajajinagarBangalore Central
102JogupalyaWestMahalakshmi LayoutBangalore North
103Shanthala NagarWestGovindarajnagaraBangalore South
104Sampangiram NagarWestGovindarajnagaraBangalore South
105GandhinagarWestGovindarajnagaraBangalore South
106OkalipuramWestGovindarajnagaraBangalore South
107Rajaji NagarWestRajajinagarBangalore Central
WestRajajinagarBangalore Central
109Vrisabhavathi NagarWestGandhinagarBangalore Central
110KaveripuraWestShivajinagarBangalore Central
111Agrahara DasarahalliWestShanthinagarBangalore Central
112Dr. Raj Kumar WardWestShanthinagarBangalore Central
113ChickpeteWestCV Raman NagarBangalore Central
114ChalavadipalyaWestShanthinagarBangalore Central
115BinnipeteWestShanthinagarBangalore Central
116JagajivanaramnagarEastShanthinagarBangalore Central
117Kempapura AgraharaEastShanthinagarBangalore Central
118VijayanagarEastChickpetBangalore South
119Hosahalli EastChickpetBangalore South
120MarenahalliEastGandhinagarBangalore Central
121Hanumagiri Temple WardEastGandhinagarBangalore Central
122Kalyana NagarEastVijayanagarBangalore South
123Maruthi Mandir WardEastVijayanagarBangalore South
124AttiguppeSouthVijayanagarBangalore South
125Hampi NagarSouthGovindarajnagaraBangalore South
126Bapuji Nagar WestGovindarajnagaraBangalore South
127PadarayanapuraWestGovindarajnagaraBangalore South
128Krishna Rajendra ( KR )Market
SouthGovindarajnagaraBangalore South
129Dharmaraya Swamy Temple Ward
SouthRajarajeshwarinagarBangalore Rural
130Hombegowda NagaraSouthYeshwanthpurBangalore North
131Shanthi NagarWestGovindarajnagaraBangalore South
132NilasandraWestVijayanagarBangalore South
133VannarpetWestVijayanagarBangalore South
134EjipuraWestVijayanagarBangalore South
135KoramangalaRajarajeshwariChamrajpetBangalore Central
136LakkasandraNagarChamrajpetBangalore Central
137SiddapuraRajarajeshwari NagarChamrajpetBangalore Central
138Vishveshwara Puram
WestChamrajpetBangalore Central
139Sunkenahalli SouthChamrajpetBangalore Central
140Azad NagarSouthChamrajpetBangalore Central
141Gali Anjenaya Temple WardSouthChamrajpetBangalore Central
142Deepanjali NagarWestChickpetBangalore South
143Nayandahalli WestChickpetBangalore South
144NagarabhaviWestChickpetBangalore South
145Jnana Bharathi WardWestChickpetBangalore South
146UllaluWestB.T.M LayoutBangalore South
147NagadevanahalliWestB.T.M LayoutBangalore South
148KengeriWestB.T.M LayoutBangalore South
149Rajarajeshwari NagarSouthMahadevapuraBangalore Central
150HosakerehalliSouthMahadevapuraBangalore Central
151GirinagarSouthB.T.M LayoutBangalore South
152SrinagarSouthB.T.M LayoutBangalore South
153Hanumanth NagarSouthChickpetBangalore South
154KatriguppeSouthBasavanagudiBangalore South
155Vidyapeeta Ward
SouthBasavanagudiBangalore South
156BasavanagudiMahadevapuraBasavanagudiBangalore South
157YediyurMahadevapuraVijayanagarBangalore South
158ByrasandraSouthVijayanagarBangalore South
159Jayanagar EasSouthYeshwanthpurBangalore North
160GurappanapalyaSouthRajarajeshwarinagarBangalore Rural
161Suddagunte PalyaSouthPadmanabhanagarBangalore South
162BTM LayoutSouthBasavanagudiBangalore South
163MadivalaSouthBasavanagudiBangalore South
164JakkasandraSouthBasavanagudiBangalore South
165DomlurSouthPadmanabhanagarBangalore South
166MarathahalliRajarajeshwari NagarPadmanabhanagarBangalore South
167VarthurRajarajeshwariPadmanabhanagarBangalore South
168Dodda KannalliNagarJayanagarBangalore South
169BellanduruSouthJayanagarBangalore South
170Agara SouthJayanagarBangalore South
171HSR LayoutSouthJayanagarBangalore South
172BommanahalliSouthB.T.M LayoutBangalore South
173BilekhalliSouthB.T.M LayoutBangalore South
174SarakkiSouthBommanahalliBangalore South
175RagiguddaSouthBommanahalliBangalore South
176KarisandraSouthB.T.M LayoutBangalore South
177Dharmagiri Shri
Manjunatha Swamy
Temple Ward
SouthJayanagarBangalore South
178Padmanabha NagarSouthJayanagarBangalore South
179IttamaduSouthJayanagarBangalore South
180UttarahalliSouthPadmanabhanagarBangalore South
181SubramanyapuraSouthPadmanabhanagarBangalore South
182VasanthapuraBommanahalliPadmanabhanagarBangalore South
BommanahalliPadmanabhanagarBangalore South
Temple Ward
SouthBangalore SouthBangalore Rural
185YelchenahalliSouthBangalore SouthBangalore Rural
186JaraganahalliSouthBommanahalliBangalore South
187ChunchaghattaSouthBommanahalliBangalore South
188PuttenahalliSouthBommanahalliBangalore South
189HongasandraSouthBommanahalliBangalore South
190SingsandraSouthBommanahalliBangalore South
191KudluSouthBangalore SouthBangalore Rural
192BegurBommanahalliBangalore SouthBangalore Rural
193DevarachikkanahalliBommanahalliBommanahalliBangalore South
194ArakereBangalore SouthBangalore Rural
195Kalena AgraharBommanahalliBangalore SouthBangalore Rural
196GottigereBommanahalliBangalore SouthBangalore Rural
197AnjanapuraBommanahalliBangalore SouthBangalore Rural
198HemmigepuraBommanahalliYeshwanthpurBangalore North

View & Download BBMP New Ward List 2022 PDF

Click here to view and download the full list of BBMP wards, their names in Kannada and the important areas under each ward.

Bangalore BBMP Zones For Property Tax

Listed below are the BBMP zones for property tax.

ZoneDivisionSub-divisionWard Address
YelahankaYelahankaYelahanka1 - Kempegowda Ward 2-Chowdeshwari WardBBMP Yelhanka, Bellary Road, Yelhanka Old Town, Bangalore - 64
Yelahanka Satellite Town3 - Attur
4 - Yelahanka Satellite town
BBMP Yelhanka, Bellary Road, Yelhanka Old Town, Bangalore - 64
ByatarayanapuraByatarayanapura5 - Jakkur
6 - Thanisandra
BBMP Yelhanka, Bellary Road, Yelhanka Old Town, Bangalore - 64
Kodigehalli7 - Byatarayanapura
8 - Kodigehalli
Kaveri School Road, Near Public Park, Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore - 92
Vidyaranyapura9 - Vidyaranyapura
10 - Doddabommasandra
11 - Kuvempunagar
No. 26, 1st Block, Vidyaranyapura Main Raod, Bangalore
MahadevapuraK.R. PuramHoramavu25 - Horamavu
26 - Ramamurthynagar
51 - Vijinapura
Near Gandhi Statue, Jayanthi Nagar Circle, Hormavu
K.R.Puram52 - K.R.Puram
53 - Basavanapura
55 - Devasandra
K.R. Puram Old CMC Office, Old Madras Raod, K.R. Puram, Bangalore
HAL Airport56 - A. Narayanapura 81 - Vignananagar
87 - HAL Airport
Vibhuthipura matha Building, Near HAL Police Station, Ramesh Nagar
MahadevapuraHoodi54 - Hoodi
82 - Garudacharpalya
85 - Doddanekkundi
Whitefield Road, Near Mahadevapura Corporation Bank, RHB Colony,
Bangalore 48
Whitefield83 - Kadugodi
84 - Hagadooru
149 - Varthur
No. 135, Near Brothers Bakery, Outer Ring Raod, White Field, Bangalore.
Marathalli86 - Marathalli
150 - Bellandur
Krishna Mansion, Near Vaibhav Hotel Building, Ring Road, Marathahalli
DasarahalliDasarahalliShettyhalli12 - Shettyhalli
13 - Mallasandra
Near Govt primary school, Shettyhalli cross, Ravindra Nagar, Bangalore-57
T-Dasarahalli14 - Bagalagunte 15 - T. DasarahalliSamudaya Bhavana, 4th Cross, Jain Temple Road, T - Dasarahalli, Bangalore
HegganahalliPeenya Industrial Area39- Chokkasandra
41- Peenya Industrial Area
HMT Layout, Nagasandra, Near Water tank Bangalore
Hegganahalli70 - Rajagopalanagar
71 - Hegganahalli
470D, 12th Cross, 4th Phase Peenya Indl. Area, Bangalore
Rajarajeshwari NagarRajarajeshwari NagarRajarajeshwari Nagar160 - Rajarajeshwarinagar 129 - Jnanabharathi ward18th Cross Ideal Homes Layout, RR Nagar, Bangalore
Laggere69 - Laggere
73 - Kottigepalya
Gram Panchayath Office, NH - 4
Tumkur Road Bangalore
YeshwanthpurLakshmidevinagar38 - H.M.T
42 - Lakshmidevinagar
No. 9/1, 8th Cross, Sathyanarayana Temple Road, Gorguntepalya,
Banglore -22
Yeshwanthpur16 - Jalahalli
17 - J.P.Park
37 - Yeshwanthpur
Yeshwanthpura Commercial
Complex, 2nd Floor, N.C. Road Banglore
KengeriKengeri130 - Ullalu
159 - Kengeri
198 - Hemmigepura
B.M. Road, Kengeri, Bangalore
Herohalli40 - Doddabidarakallu
72 - Herohalli
Anjananagar, Magadi Road Bangalore
BommanahalliBommanahalliBommanahalli175 - Bommanahalli
188 - Bilekahalli
189 - Hongasandra
Begur Road, Bommanahalli, Bangalore
Arakere186 - Jaraganahalli
187 - Puttenahalli
193 - Arakere
Bannerghatta Road, MICO Layout, Bangalore.
HSR Layout174 - HSR Layout
190 - Mangammanapalya
Behind BDA Complex HSR 6TH Sector, 9th Main, 14TH A Cross,
HSR Layout
AnjanapurBegur191 – Singasandra
192 - Begur
Old Gram Panchayath Office, Begur, Banglore.
Anjanapura194 - Gottigere
196 - Anjanapura
Old Gram Panchayath Office, Begur, Banglore.
UttarahalliYelachenahalli195 - Konanakunte
185 - Yelachenahalli
Konanakunte Cross, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore,
Uttarahalli184 - Uttarahalli
197 -Vasanthapura
Near Subramanyapura Police Station, Bangalore
WestMahalakshmi LayoutMahalakshmi Layout43 - Nandini Layout 44 - Marappanahalli
68 - Mahalakshmipuram
74 - Shakthiganapathi nagar
RTO Complex, Rajajinagar Bangalore - 9
Nagapura67 - Nagapura
75 - Shankaramata
102 – Vrushabhavathinagar
RTO Complex, Rajajinagar Bangalore - 10
MalleshwaramMathikere35 - Aramane Nagar 36 - Mathikere
45 - Malleshwaram
Netaji Circle, Mattikere, Bangalore
WestMalleshwaramMalleshwaram64 - Rajamahal
65 - Kadumalleshwara
66 - Subramanyanagar
76 - Gayathrinagar
IPP Center, 16th Cross, Opp Choudaiah Memorial Hall, Kodandaramapura, Vaiyalikaval,
Bangalore - 03
RajajinagarRajajinagar99 - Rajajinagar
100 - Basaveshwaranagar
101 - Kamakshipalya
107 - Shivanagar
RTO Complex, Rajajinagar Bangalore - 10
Srirammandira97 - Dayanandanagar
98 - Prakashnagar
108 - Srirammandira ward
RTO Complex, Rajajinagar Bangalore - 11
GandhinagarGandhinagar77 - Dattathreya Temple 94 - Gandhinagar
95 - Subhashnagar
96 - Okalipuram
Dr. TCM Rayan Road, Near City Railway Station, Bangalore - 53
Chikpet109 - Chikpet
120 - Cottonpet
121 - Binnypet
Tulsi Thota, Balepet, Bangalore - 53
ChamarajpetJagajeevanram Nagar135 - Padarayanapura
136 - Jagareevanram Nagar 137 - Rayapuram
138 - Chalavadipalya
Dr. TCM Rayan Road, Near City Railway Station, Bangalore - 53
Chamarajpet139 - K.R. Market 140 - Chamrajpet
141 - Azadnagar
Dr. TCM Rayan Road, Near City Railway Station, Bangalore - 54
Govindraja nagarGovindrajanagar103 - Kaveripura
104 - Govindrajnagara
105 - Agrahara Dasarahalli 106 - Dr. Rajkumar Ward 125 - Marenahalli
Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Stadium, Basaveshwar Nagar, Bangalore-79
Chandralayout126 - Maruthi Mandira Ward
127 - Moodalapalya
128 - Nagarabhavi
131 - Nayandanahalli
Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Stadium, Basaveshwar Nagar, Bangalore-79
SouthChikpetKempegowda Nagar118 - Sudamnagar
119 - Dharmarayaswamy Temple Road
142 - Sunkenahalli
143 - Vishweshrapuram
Corporation Building 1st Floor,
J.C. Road, Bangalore
Hombegowda Nagar144 - Siddapura
145 - Hombegowdanagar
153 - Jayanagar
2nd Cross, 2nd Main, LIC Colony, Byrasandra, Banglore.
VijayanagarVijayanagar122 - Kempapura Agrahara 123 - Vijaynagar
124 - Hosahalli
134 - Bapujinagar
Near Swimming Pool, Hampinagar, Bangalore.
Gali Anjaneyaswamy Temple132 - Attiguppe
133 - Hampinagar
157 - Gali Anjaneya swamy Temple Ward
158 - Deepanjali Nagar
Near Swimming Pool, Hampinagar, Bangalore.
SouthBasavanagudiBasavanagudi154 - Basavanagudi
155 - Hanumanthanagar 164 - Vidyapeetha Ward
Chennammanakere Achhukattu, Banashankari, Bangalore.
Girinagar156 - Srinagar
162 - Girinagar
163 - Katriguppe
Chennammanakere Achhukattu, Banashankari, Bangalore.
Padmanabha NagarPadmanabha Nagar161 - Hosakerehalli
181 - Kumaraswamylayout
182 - Padmanabhanagar
183 - Chikkallasandra
Chennammanakere Achhukattu, Banashankari, Bangalore.
SouthBanashankari165 - Ganeshmandira Ward 166 - Karisandra
167 - Yadiyuru
180 - Banashankari Temple Ward
Chennammanakere Achhukattu, Banashankari, Bangalore.
B.T.M. LayoutB.T.M. Layout146 – Lakkasandra
152 - Sudduguntepalya
172 – Madiwala 176 - BTM Layout
Koramangala147 - Adugodi
148 - Ejipura
151 - Koramangala
173 - Jakkasandra
Near Sukhsagar Hotel 17th A main 2nd Cross 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
JayanagarJayanagar168 - Pattabhiramnagar
169 - Byrasandra 170 - Jayanagar East
171 - Gurappanapalya
Jayanagar Shopping Complex, 1st Floor, 4th Block, Jayanagar.
J.P.Nagar177 - J.P.Nagar
178 - Sarakki
179 - Shakambarinagar
Near Oxford College 29th & 30th Main Road, 1st Phase, JP Nagar,
EastHebbalHebbal18 - Radhakrishna Temple Ward
19 - Sanjaynagar
20 - Ganganagar
21 - Hebbal
Opposite FunWorld, Jayamahal Bangalore
J.C. Nagar22 -Vishwanatha Nagenahalli
33 - Manorayanapalya
34 - Gangenahalli
Opposite FunWorld, Jayamahal Bangalore
PulikeshinagarK.G. Halli31 - Kushalnagar
32 - Kavalbyrasandra
48 - Muneshwaranagar
60 - Sagayapuram
Queens Road, Shivajinagar, Bangalore-52
Pulikeshinagar47 - Devarajeevanahalli 61 - S.K. Garden
78 - Pulikeshinagar
Queens Road, Shivajinagar, Bangalore-52
Sarvagna NagarMaruthisevanagar27 - Banasawadi
28 - Kammanahalli
49 - Lingarajapura
59 - Maruthiseva Nagar
M.M. Road, Cox Town, Bangalore
EastSarvagna NagarH.B.R. Layout23 - Nagavara 24 - HBR Layout
29 - Kacharakanahalli
30 - Kadugondanahalli
Shop No. 16, BDA Complex, Opp KEB Office, HBR Layout, Bangalore
C.V. Raman NagarJeevanbhimanagar80 - Hoysalanagar
88 - Jeevanbhimanagar 113 - Konena Agrahara
C.V. Ramannagar50 - Benniganahalli 57 - C.V. Ramannagar
58 - Hosathippasandra
79 - Sarvagnanagar
Dispensary Road, Shivajinagar, Bangalore.
ShanthinagarShanthinagar111 - Shanthala Nagar 116 - Neelasandra
117 - Shanthinagar
Public Utility Building, Residency Road, Bangalore
Domlur89 - Jogupalya
112 - Domlur
114 - Agaram
115 - Vannarpet
Public Utility Building, Residency Road, Bangalore
ShivajinagarShivajinagar90 - Ulsoor
91 - Bharathinagar
92 - Shivajinagar
Bradway Road
Vasanthanagar62 - Ramaswamy palya 63 - Jayamahal
93 - Vasanthnagar
110 - Sampangiramnagar
Queens Road, Shivajinagar, Bangalore-52

Bangalore BBMP Zone Wise Officers And Contact Numbers

Officer In Charge DesignationPhone: Office Mobile
Bangalore East
Smt. Pallavi K.R.Joint Commissioner22975801/F-255882429480685619
Sri N RajuDeputy Commissioner229758019448246726
Sri B S PrasadChief Engineer229758089480684531
Dr SiddapajiHealth Officer229758529480684214
colspan#Bangalore Westcolspan#colspan#
Sri N ChidanandaJoint Commissioner22975648 /F-29756019480685411
Sri Prasanna KumarDeputy Commissioner234646489480683467
Sri RV Govinda RajuChief Engineer229756089480684295
Dr. Balasundar A.S.Health Officer (I/c)22975650/229756039480685435
Bangalore South
Dr. VeerabhadraswamyJoint Commissioner229757019480685540
Sri Lakshmidevi RDeputy Commissioner229757319480684080
Sri. S. PrabhakarChief Engineer229757089480685379
Dr.Manoranjan HegdeHealth Officer229757509480683928
Rajarajeshwari Nagar
Sri N.C. JagadishJoint Commissioner28604652/ F-286009549480683192
Sri. K. ShivegowdaDeputy Commissioner286038279480685844
Sri NagarajuChief Engineer (I/C)286062049113041982
Dr.Manoranjan HegdeDeputy Health Officer286018519480683928
Mahadevapura Zone
Sri. R. VenkatachalapathiJoint Commissioner285111669480685645
Sri Sarojadevi MDeputy Commissioner28512229
Sri. ParameshwaraiahChief Engineer256144159480683601
Dr.KalpanaDeputy Health Officer-9480683932
M. RamakrishnaJoint Commissioner257326289480683433
Smt. Shashikala. NDeputy Commissioner257356089480684171
Sri SiddegowdaChief Engineer (I/C)257353919480685348
Dr VedhavathiDeputy Health Officer-8095254546
Sri. NarasimhamurthyJoint Commissioner229759019036828015
Sri. D.K. BabuDeputy Commissioner (I/c)229759069449276306
Sri Vjayakumar NChief Engineer229759039480683190
Dr SurendraMedical Officer of Health283949099480683673
Sri. Ashok D.RJoint Commissioner22975949 / 229759428296870597
Sri. S.G. Rajashekar MurthyDeputy Commissioner229759359480685227
Sri ParameshwaraiahChief Engineer229759449480683181
Sri Naveen KumarMedical Officer of HealthNA9480683674

BBMP Election – Quick Update

  • The tenure of the current BBMP council was over on 10 September, 2020. The new poll date is yet to be decided
  • The Election Commission wants the elections to take place in December 2020
  • The Government wants to defer the BBMP elections to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The delimitation process of the of wards were completed in July 2020. Find the list of BBMP wards post delimitation below
  • An administrative officer will be appointed to take care of the BBMP’s operations
  • Gaurav Gupta, an IAS officer is the new BBMP administrator

BBMP Contact Details


Government Services

  1. CoWIN Vaccine 
  2. mParivahan App
  3. Sarathi Parivahan 
  4. DigiLocker App
  5. Parivahan Services
  6. Aadhar Card
  7. Ration Card
  8. International Driving License
  9. Driving License Online
  10. Voter ID Card

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  1. I need to pay property tax for below address. Pls help me with the zone to be selected( FROM A TO E).
    A203, Sriram Spurti Apartments, Brooke fields, Kundahalli village. 560022 Bangalore .
    Based on address whether the site will pick up the zone details( ie A-E) automatically, or we need to select

  2. Hello Rahul,

    Thank you for writing to us. The Current India is not a government platform and therefore may not be the appropriate forum to resolve your query.

    However, you can check the zonal classification document published by the BBMP available at

    You will need to check the Index on Page 16 to identify the pages on which classification of the area of your “residential” property is listed and then refer those pages to check the classification based on the road (ITPL Main Road in your case). (For eg: you can check the relevant page numbers for Whitefield, and then check for ITPL Main Road)

    In case you need any information on online payment of BBMP Property tax, please check out the detailed FAQs on

    Hope this helps.
    Best/ Team TCI


  4. When are they going to publish the latest ones, we are waiting for the updated list of 243 Wards Eager to know if our Area (Currently Grama Panchayat) – Kithiganur would be added into BBMP Zone please advise.

  5. When are they going to publish the latest one, we are waiting for the updated list of 243 Wards Eager to know if our Area (Currently Grama Panchayat) – Kithiganur would be added into BBMP Zone please help.

  6. Hi Umashankar,
    Unfortunately, we do not have the information on that. We are not a government agency but an information portal that compiles and provides information.

  7. Hi Shankar,
    Unfortunately, we do not have the information on that. We are not a government agency but an information portal that compiles and provides information.

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