BH Series Registration Or Bharat Series For Vehicle?

What is BH series or Bharat number series? Can you get BH Bharat number series for your cars and bikes? Can you apply for BH series vehicle registration online and what are the benefits of having a Bharat series vehicle number?

BH-Series or Bharat series is launched by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. It is an IT based solution that offers BH- series registration numbers to vehicle owners. Employees of both government and private companies with a transferable job can avail the BH registration. Read on to know if you are eligible and how to apply.

BH-Series Or Bharat Series Vehicle Registration NumberHighlights

  • No moving of registration to another state when you relocate
  • No need to pay road tax on prorata basis to the state your are relocating

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BH-Series Registration Fee

The Motor Vehicle Tax levied at the time of Bharath series registration for non-transport vehicles

Vehicle Invoice Price Motor vehicle
Tax (% of
Vehicle Invoice Price)
Below INR 10 lakh8%
INR 10-20 lakh10%
Above INR 20 lakh12%


  • 2% extra charge shall be levied for diesel vehicles
  • Electric vehicles shall be charged 2% less tax

Bharat Series Vehicle Registration Number FAQs

What is BH Series?

BH series ( BH-Series ) or Bharat series is an initiative by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. Notified on 26 August, 2021, the initiative is to avoid re-registration of vehicles when you move to another state.

BH-series registration mark will be generated through the portal randomly and shall be displayed in
black on white background and will be in the following format:

Format: YY BH #### XX XX
1. YY– Year of First Registration
2. BH– Code for Bharat Series
3. ####– 0000 to 9999 (Random Number)
4. XX – Alphabets (From A, B, C and then AA, AB-AZ, BA, BB
to ZZ excluding I & O)

Who is eligible for BH Series vehicles number?

Citizens who belong to the following categories are eligible to apply for Bharat Series vehicle number:
1. Defence personnel
2. Employees of central, state government, PSUs and private sector companies with offices in five or more states or Union Territories

How to apply for Bharat Series vehicle registration online?

Online application is not available for the BH series number at the moment.

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